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RSA Security to Enable Ubiquitous Authentication as RSA SecurID® Technology Reaches Everyday Devices and Software

  • 15 February, 2006 10:40

<p>IIn its drive to bring flexibility and choice in strong authentication to consumers, businesses and partners, RSA Security today announced a series of initiatives designed to enable a broad range of devices to deliver RSA SecurID® two-factor authentication capabilities. Core to this effort is a significant extension of the RSA SecurID Ready partner program, which is designed to encourage device and software manufacturers to embed the RSA SecurID algorithm within their own solutions. RSA Security is already working with several flagship partners including M-Systems, Motorola, RedCannon Security, Renesas and SanDisk® Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK).</p>
<p>RSA Security also announced extended relationships with Microsoft and Research in Motion, broadening the range of devices able to serve as RSA SecurID authenticators. In addition, RSA Security has invested in technologies to enable the seamless provisioning of the RSA SecurID credentials ‘over the air’ or via desktop synchronisation, though a technology licensing arrangement with Diversinet, which was also announced today. These efforts represent a critical shift in the strong authentication landscape, as RSA SecurID authentication – the world’s leading one-time password solution – moves beyond self-contained hardware tokens to an unprecedented array of devices, enabling enterprises to quickly and cost-effectively move towards an adaptive authentication approach to dealing with the ever-changing security threats they face.</p>
<p>“Businesses and consumers are already familiar with the robust identity protection that RSA SecurID technology brings, and we are now making this market-leading protection available across a much wider range of devices and software tools that balance convenience, security and total cost of ownership,” comments Art Coviello, president and CEO at RSA Security. “Users will get the benefit of stronger security while taking advantage of the devices they already have, and consumer-facing account providers and enterprises will have a flexible mechanism to arm their customers with stronger authentication – without having to procure and deliver stand-alone tokens.”</p>
<p>Reducing Costs, Easing Deployments and Delivering End User Convenience</p>
<p>RSA Security’s initiatives present enterprises with the opportunity to reduce costs by leveraging existing devices for authentication, and managing the convergence of identities by enabling consolidated devices to support a range of capabilities. Further, consumer-facing organisations will be able to provide customers with stronger authentication – enabling the confidence and peace-of-mind to transact online – without requiring users to carry yet another device. Both groups will benefit from an expanded ability to deploy RSA SecurID technology without having to procure and deliver stand-alone tokens.</p>
<p>“As a global company moving to standardise on stronger two factor authentication, Chevron must manage costs, ensure flexibility and provide convenience to our workforce,” said Edmund Yee, IT Strategic Research Manager at Chevron. “By embedding RSA SecurID technology within tools such as mobile devices, trusted computing modules and smart cards, RSA Security is providing us with a more cost-effective method for deploying stronger authentication within these devices to our highly mobile enterprise. This demonstrates RSA Security’s commitment to helping customers control costs, increase end-user convenience and leverage greater deployment flexibility.”</p>
<p>RSA SecurID Ready Partners</p>
<p>Through the expanded RSA SecurID Ready program – an extension of the trusted RSA Secured® Partner Program -- RSA Security is working to give customers more choice and flexibility in strong authentication. These partners intend to license RSA SecurID technology with a view to including RSA SecurID-based one-time password generation in future versions of their products. In addition, RSA Security and these partners will work to jointly market these solutions to customers worldwide. RSA Security and the partners will demonstrate these RSA SecurID Ready products at the RSA Security booth at this week’s RSA Conference in San Jose, CA.</p>
M-Systems expects to utilise RSA Security’s RSA SecurID authentication technology across multiple personal storage products and platforms, such as its MegaSIM and Secure Storage Token platforms, enterprise and M-Card product lines, and more.</p>
<p>“At a time when identity and corporate data theft are on the rise, users are looking for smarter products offering the maximum level of security and personal value to the end user without impacting convenience or ease-of-use. Adding RSA Security’s RSA SecurID technology to our smart personal storage solutions may provide the highest level of protection and peace of mind across multiple platforms,” said Noam Kedem, vice president of marketing, M-Systems. “We expect our partnership with RSA Security to enable M-Systems to offer strong two-factor authentication ensuring users can securely access and control their online accounts, data and services wherever and whenever they choose. It is a perfect example of how we make personal storage smarter.”</p>
Motorola plans to work with RSA Security in order to embed RSA SecurID technology within a range of Motorola phones. Through this partnership, Motorola phones would act as an RSA SecurID authenticator, enabling the phone owner to strongly authenticate to a protected Web site or other application. In addition to working to support RSA SecurID software running on a series of Motorola phones, RSA Security and Motorola will partner for co-marketing initiatives, and in enhancing security solutions for their customers.</p>
<p>“Productivity gains from IP-enabled mobility are challenged by increasingly sophisticated IT security threats, creating the need for a new breed of wireless security services and solutions. Motorola's Wireless Security Services (MWSS) group, which serves mobile network operators, enterprise and government customers, sees tremendous value in embedding RSA SecurID technology within mobile phones and other devices,” according to Robbie Higgins, Director, MWSS. “The RSA Security solution offers a simple means of leveraging strong authentication, while reducing costs and complexities for business.”</p>
<p>RedCannon Security
RedCannon Security is a trusted provider of managed solutions for secure information storage and remote enterprise accessibility. RedCannon incorporates and today delivers the RSA SecurID technology in all its KeyPoint Access devices, to provide proven, industry-leading authentication in its ultra-thin client on USB appliances. The complete solution secures and sanitizes any PC, anywhere, and extends security policies beyond the network perimeter, allowing policy enforcement to travel with the user, and leaving no trace of activity on the host computer.</p>
<p>“Improving productivity and strengthening information security for today’s mobile workforce is a priority with our customers,” said Vimal Vaidya, founder, chairman and chief executive officer at RedCannon Security. “Enterprises require a powerful combination of proven security technology with the flexibility to enable access and protection anywhere, anytime. Available today, the integrated RSA SecurID technology bolsters KeyPoint Access with the most trusted, industry-standard authentication.”</p>
<p>Renesas Technology Corp.
Renesas Technology Corp. designs and manufactures highly integrated semiconductor system solutions for mobile, automotive and PC/AV markets, and is the world’s largest microcontroller supplier and the world's second largest supplier of smart card microcontrollers. Renesas and RSA Security will work to enable RSA SecurID technology in a range of Renesas security-related integrated circuits (ICs) such as trusted platform solutions and storage products. For Renesas, the proposed partnership will enable the company to extend the value of its existing product line by offering customers a simple means of leveraging two-factor authentication. RSA Security gains an alternative distribution channel for RSA SecurID technology, and a means to offer simple and cost effective deployment of strong authentication to enterprises and consumers worldwide.</p>
<p>“By partnering with RSA Security, we will enable customers to gain even broader value from our solutions, such as enabling Renesas’ trusted platform solutions to essentially act as an embedded hardware token, which reduces the need for users to carry a separate hardware device,” said Sami Nassar, senior director, advanced solutions group of Renesas Technology America, Inc. “In addition, by working closely with RSA Security to train each company’s respective sales force on the value of the combined solution, both organizations will increase the success of our joint go-to-market activities.”</p>
<p>SanDisk Corporation
SanDisk plans to embed the RSA SecurID one-time-password (OTP) algorithm into SanDisk TrustedFlash™ devices, enabling consumer-friendly, two-factor authentication for end users who purchase SanDisk mass-storage devices at retail outlets. TrustedFlash is a highly secure technology that will be built into SanDisk mobile flash memory cards and USB flash drives. It combines SanDisk’s 32-bit controller architecture with an embedded high-performance cryptographic engine to provide real-time encryption and tamper-resistant security to ensure that digital content stored on the card or storage device is always secure. As a secure platform that is transparent to the consumer, TrustedFlash is ideal for supporting OTP and other value-added technologies.</p>
<p>“TrustedFlash-enabled SanDisk flash memory storage devices have the versatility to support numerous value-added services, including secure information storage and secure network access,” said Carlos Gonzalez, Senior Director, USB product marketing at SanDisk Corporation. “Our proposed partnership with RSA will enable consumers to purchase a SanDisk device with RSA SecurID functionality from over 150,000 retail outlets worldwide, and take immediate advantage of its authentication capabilities.”</p>
<p>Research in Motion and Microsoft Partnerships</p>
<p>In another aspect of its drive to bring users greater flexibility and choice in how they can leverage two-factor authentication, RSA Security will expand its relationships with device and software manufacturers to offer the RSA SecurID application on popular devices and solutions. This would see the application offered either as an easy download to customers – or pre-bundled on devices ‘from birth’.</p>
<p>Research in Motion
RSA Security and Research in Motion (RIM) continue to build upon their long-standing relationship to ensure that enterprise users benefit from the use of RSA SecurID authentication technology with BlackBerry®. RIM is building functionality in the upcoming release of BlackBerry Mobile Data System (MDS) v4.1 that integrates with RSA Authentication Manager enabling users to enter RSA SecurID credentials to access corporate applications and data. Integration is also being done to allow for the seamless, over-the-air provisioning of RSA SecurID software tokens to BlackBerry handhelds.</p>
<p>"Security has always been a central pillar of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution and one of the many reasons that customers continue to trust BlackBerry for their wireless communications," said David Werezak, Vice President Enterprise Business at Research In Motion. "The widespread use of BlackBerry handhelds to access backend corporate applications and other data beyond email is further enhanced with the assurance that those systems are protected from unauthorized access with RSA SecurID two-factor authentication, and that it can be conveniently delivered to users on their BlackBerry wherever they are."</p>
“Windows Mobile-powered devices help users increase their productivity when they’re away from the office, accessing critical business information in real-time, regardless of location, so they’re always up-to-date,” said Chris Hill, group product manager, Microsoft Corporation. “Windows Mobile was designed as an “enterprise-grade” and secure platform with the flexibility to enable business and consumer scenarios. By adding RSA SecurID to our flexible platform, users are sure to benefit by carrying on their Windows Mobile-based devices an additional layer of security for their internet and enterprise applications.”</p>
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<p>About RSA Security Inc.</p>
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