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Lean, green machines: Toshiba unveils ‘06 notebook range

  • 14 February, 2006 17:05

<p>Hallmarks include environmental protection, performance, security and durability</p>
<p>Sydney, 14 February 2006: Toshiba (Australia) Pty. Limited Information Systems Division (ISD) today unveiled its primary range of notebook computers for 2006, for both business and consumer use.</p>
<p>The range includes two new business notebooks: the Portégé M400 tablet PC, and Tecra M5; and three new retail models: Satellite M100, Satellite A100, Satellite P100. This is in addition to three business models that were launched in January to coincide with the introduction of Intel’s dual core platform in Australia: the Satellite Pro P100, Tecra A7 and Tecra A6; plus two other consumer models that have been refreshed: the Satellite M50, Satellite M70; and the Satellite R10 consumer tablet PC and miniature PC, the Libretto U100, which remains current.</p>
<p>Toshiba focused on three areas in developing the new models: environmental protection via full RoHS[1] compliance; best-available performance through Intel’s new dual-core platform, which is offered across the range; and specific to the business range, comprehensive security, data protection and connectivity features via Toshiba ‘EasyGuard’.</p>
<p>Mark Whittard, general manager, Australia and New Zealand, Toshiba ISD, said: “2006 is going to be the year of the notebook computer. Notebooks have been outselling desktops in the consumer sector for some time and we expect this will happen in the business sector early this year.”</p>
<p>“To this end, notebooks are becoming faster and more specialised according to need: our range of business products focuses on security and ruggedisation, with features that were previously only available in high-end machines now standard across the range. In our retail range, more attention has been taken to ensure the best multimedia quality and ease-of-use.”</p>
<p>Business models</p>
<p>The new models in Toshiba’s general business range are as follows:</p>
<p>Portégé M400: Ultra portable tablet PC (RRP $4,070 or $4,290 Inc GST)</p>
<p>The new flagship model in Toshiba’s family of tablet PCs, the Portégé M400 replaces the Portégé M200 as the high-powered, fully equipped tablet in an ultra-portable 12.1 inch form-factor (two kilograms).</p>
<p>Key features of the Portégé M400 include:</p>
<p>- Intel’s new Core Duo Processor T2400 (1.83 GHz);</p>
<p>- 80 gigabyte (GB) hard drive and 512 MB RAM;</p>
<p>- High return on investment via longevity of software platform, three year warranty and high-end features;</p>
<p>- Advanced security and ruggedisation via Toshiba ‘EasyGuard’, including:</p>
<p>· Magnesium-alloy case-work for lightweight and to protect the physical attributes of the notebook and the data within it;</p>
<p>· Shock mounted hard drive and polycarbonate screen (to minimise the chance of cracking on a fall);</p>
<p>· Toshiba’s three-dimensional drop-detection sensor, which disengages the hard disk drive when the notebook is dropped or bumped, minimise the chance of corruption to data;</p>
<p>· Spill-resistant keyboard;</p>
<p>· Biometric fingerprint reader;</p>
<p>· Signature sign-on, TPM, BIOS Lock, and HDD Lock.</p>
<p>Tecra M5: powerful business notebook ($2,695, $3,080 or $4,125 RRP Inc GST)</p>
<p>Replacing the Tecra M3, the Tecra M5 is Toshiba’s ruggedised highly mobile corporate 14-inch notebook, available in three models. All incorporate Intel’s new Duo Core processor (up to 2.0 GHz), with a hard disk drive of up to 100GB.</p>
<p>In addition to the EasyGuard security and ruggedisation features offered in the Portégé M400, the Tecra M5 also offers the long-term software platform and three year warranty for IT purchasers who require a SOE and a machine that will remain current over the longer term.</p>
<p>The following three Toshiba products, launched in January, also make up the new business range:</p>
<p>- Satellite Pro P100: 17.1-inch high-end multimedia notebook for those in business requiring very high quality graphics and audio capability in a mobile form-factor; as well as a range of EasyGuard features.</p>
<p>- Tecra A7: An all-round 15.4-inch include widescreen desktop replacement for business users wanting the latest features and mobile computing technology, at a lower cost.</p>
<p>- Tecra A6: A 14.1-inch widescreen business notebook designed for those requiring a balance of mobility, performance and price with high-quality features.</p>
<p>Retail range</p>
<p>Toshiba’s retail range differs from the business range (where application performance is most critical), through a focus on advanced audio and multimedia features to improve the experience for those working with photographs, watching DVDs or listening to music via their PC. Such features include:</p>
<p>- Express Media Player: allows people to play DVDs and listen to music instantly without having to boot into the Windows operating system, via one-touch buttons on the keyboard console or included remote control (Satellite P100 and M100 models);</p>
<p>- High-definition video: Viewers are able to load and view HD content on a 16:9 resolution display (the same as television), with HD surround sound or send to the big screen via the integrated DVI port (Satellite P100);</p>
<p>- Harmon Kardon audio system: includes integrated satellite speakers and subwoofer, and SRS WOW XT software for 3D sound performance.</p>
<p>Satellite P100: high-end consumer multimedia notebook (RRP $2,999 or $3,699 Inc GST)</p>
<p>Available in two models, the Toshiba Satellite P100 is a high-end multimedia notebook, combining a 17.1-inch widescreen with Intel’s new high performance Core Duo T series CPU. It also includes the latest nVidia 7 series and Harman Kardon speakers, making it ideal for those want an intense graphics and audio experience. It also comes with an infra-red remote control.</p>
<p>Other features of the Satellite P100 include:</p>
<p>- A biometric fingerprint reader to safeguard it from unauthorised use;</p>
<p>- Dual mode mouse pad that allows user to access shortcut features via an illuminated interface;</p>
<p>- Up to 100 GB high-speed hard drive;</p>
<p>- Comprehensive connectivity capabilities including: Bluetooth version 2.0 for connecting to a variety of mobile devices; four USB 2.0 slots.</p>
<p>Satellite A100: highly mobile, powerful notebook (RRP $2499 Inc GST)</p>
<p>A 15.4 inch CSV widescreen notebook, the Satellite A100 also includes Intel’s new Core Duo Processor T2300 and Speedstep technology, for faster performance and improved multitasking. Other Satellite A100 features include:</p>
<p>- nVidia 7 series graphics;</p>
<p>- DVD SuperMulti Double / Dual Layer drive;</p>
<p>- ExpressCard slot and five-in-one card reader;</p>
<p>- Bluetooth version 2.0 with Toshiba BT stack providing you with the most BT profile options available;</p>
<p>- 802.11a/g/d WiFi, Gigabit LAN and CIR (consumer Infrared). Biometric finger print reader;</p>
<p>- Dual mode pad.</p>
<p>Satellite M100: Stylish lightweight design (RRP $1799 Inc GST)</p>
<p>A higher-end 14.1 inch model, the Satellite M100 includes Intel’s new Solo Core Processor 756 and 512MB DDR2 RAM for fast handling of applications. Being a widescreen 14.1 inch model with TruBrite XGA widescreen, the Satellite M100 offers a greater viewing area in a mobile form factor.</p>
<p>Other features of the Satellite M100 include:</p>
<p>- Biometric fingerprint reader;</p>
<p>- 60GB SATA hard disk drive;</p>
<p>- Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 with up to 128 MB of shared video memory;</p>
<p>- Gigabit networking to make file transfer and online gaming faster;</p>
<p>- DVD SuperMulti Double / Dual Layer.</p>
<p>The refreshed consumer notebooks include:</p>
<p>Satellite M50: 14-inch widescreen notebook (RRP $1299 Inc GST)</p>
<p>- Intel Centrino M processor 370 (1.5 GHz)</p>
<p>- 14.1-inch TruBrite XGA widescreen</p>
<p>- DVD SuperMulti Double / Dual Layer</p>
<p>- Atheros 802.11bg WiFi</p>
<p>- Integrated ATI Radeon Xpress 200M graphics processor</p>
<p>Environment – Restriction of Hazardous Substances</p>
<p>Toshiba’s entire new range conforms to the European Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive for environmentally-friendly electronic equipment. Toshiba is the first PC vendor to have its entire range compliant with this directive, five months prior to the deadline set by the European Union. (As the RoHS ruling covers all imports of electrical equipment into Europe, it will become the default standard for electrical equipment worldwide.)</p>
<p>M70: desktop replacement at a low cost ($1499 Inc GST)</p>
<p>- Intel Celeron M processor 390(1.7 GHz) and 60 GB hard drive</p>
<p>- 15.4-inch TruBrite XGA widescreen</p>
<p>- DVD SuperMulti Double / Dual Layer</p>
<p>- Atheros 802.11bg WiFi</p>
<p>- Integrated ATI Radeon Xpress 200M graphics processor and shared video memory</p>
<p>About Toshiba</p>
<p>Toshiba’s Information Systems Division (ISD) is a division of Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, the seventh largest integrated manufacturer of electric and electronic equipment, with around 165,000 employees worldwide, and annual sales of over US$47 billion on a consolidated basis. With notebook market share of 24.3% (according to IDC’s Q3 2003 figures), Toshiba ISD is comfortably the Australian market share market leader.</p>
<p>Unique among vendors, Toshiba ISD specialises exclusively in mobile solutions and services and is also the only leading computer brand that is 100 per cent channel-centric. A global reputation for quality has been achieved through an R&amp;D budget roughly equal to Australia’s total expenditure as a country in this area.</p>
<p>Toshiba pioneered the notebook market in 1985 and in recent years, Toshiba ISD extended its solutions offering for Australia and New Zealand with the inclusion of a range of projectors, Pocket PCs and personal storage products.</p>
<p>Toshiba’s Virtual Pressroom:</p>
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