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Aussie expert slams guaranteed spam scheme

  • 09 February, 2006 11:51

<p>SYDNEY, February 8. Australian anti-spam vendor New Millennium Solutions sees potential dangers in a scheme by Internet giants Yahoo and America Online (AOL) to offer a 'certified' email service that guarantees credible senders delivery for a fee.</p>
<p>It could lead to a constant deluge of unstoppable spam from major marketing and advertising companies that pay ISPs for this privilege, according to NMS Chairman, Peter Stewart.</p>
<p>Yahoo and AOL confirmed their plans this week. They say that businesses with proven legitimacy and email track records will be assured of message delivery to recipients' main Yahoo or AOL inboxes for a quarter of a US cent to one cent per message.</p>
<p>According to Goodmail Services, which worked for more than two years with AOL and Yahoo on the certified email service intended to thwart phishing and other online scams, the certified email will bypass spam filters and be routed directly into recipients’ main in-boxes.</p>
<p>Peter Stewart comments: “This approach could lead to all the accredited sales and marketing companies having open slather on the in-boxes of millions of users, guaranteed delivery! If it works in the USA for the ISPs, it will catch on in Australia.</p>
<p>"Then we can look forward to receiving guaranteed junk emails, with no protection from rampant marketers. It begs the question: should ISPs be permitted to deliver unwanted email in this manner? I believe it would certainly pose ethical problems, but could there be legal ramifications too?”</p>
<p>Stewart points out that the Yahoo/AOL scheme highlights the deficiencies of anti-spam solutions that rely on filtering unwanted emails, rather than blocking them.</p>
<p>“Our own solution, TotalBlock, is one of the few anti-spam offerings capable of stopping all unwanted emails - including any guaranteed emails - under end-user control,” says Stewart.</p>
<p>About TotalBlock</p>
<p>TotalBlock - - is an Australian-developed anti-spam solution that blocks ALL spam, using the challenge-response methodology rather than less reliable filtering techniques. TotalBlock quickly and easily builds up a list of acceptable incoming email senders by replying automatically to all those who are not on the user’s allowed list. The reply message contains a simple action that, when followed, automatically adds the sender to the allowed list. The action can be as simple as replying to the challenge. Since the authorisation process requires human intervention, the challenge process bypasses drone machines that spew out huge volumes of spam. All address book entries are authorised automatically, as are senders who reply to mail sent by the user.</p>
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