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Dramatic fall in spam from Australia

  • 11 July, 2006 10:38

<p>SYDNEY, July 11. Volumes of spam sent from Australia have declined by more than 50 per cent in the nine months to June, according to a new snapshot survey by anti-spam solution vendor New Millennium Solutions (NMS).</p>
<p>Unwanted emails originating from Australian sources fell from 9 per cent of all spam received in October 2005, to 6.42 per cent in February this year, to only 4.26 per cent in the two weeks to June 17.</p>
<p>The NMS surveys count percentages of spam received by a sample of the company’s small to medium enterprise (SME) users in two-week periods. None of the spam actually reaches users’ in-boxes as it is intercepted by NMS’s TotalBlock anti-spam solution.</p>
<p>The latest survey shows that the USA remains the chief culprit, with US spam senders representing 25.19 per cent of all spam recorded.
Spam from China fell significantly in the four months to June: from 16.75 per cent of the total to 10.04 per cent in the latest survey. South Koreans were the third most prolific spam-senders, with volumes rising from 4.45 per cent in February to 5.79 per cent.</p>
<p>Other significant culprits in the latest survey were spammers in the UK, Poland, Brazil and Spain, each with more than 3 per cent of the total. France, Germany and Japan each sent more than 2 per cent of the total.</p>
<p>Spam sent to NMS’s Australian clients originated in 109 different countries. In some instances, NMS was unable to identify the country of origin. The survey showed that spammers operate from out-of-the-way countries such as Mauritius, Iceland, Fiji, Mali, Jamaica, Aruba and Djibouti.</p>
<p>Peter Stewart, Chairman of NMS, says TotalBlock users who have been with the system for some time are being sent less junk email than they were initially. He believes the falling numbers are due to TotalBlock’s challenge/response technology, which asks all new email senders to respond to a request to verify their emails. Genuine emailers respond, but automated spam is incapable of doing so.</p>
<p>“Spammers seem to be taking our clients off their target lists because their automated systems tell them their junk emails are not getting through,” says Stewart.</p>
<p>Spam countries of origin: 5 - 17 June, 2006</p>
<p>USA 25.19%, China 10.04%, Republic of Korea 5.79%, Australia 4.26%, UK 3.08%, 3.08%, Brazil 3.06%, Spain 3.04%, France 2.84%, Germany 2.32, Japan 2.24%, India 1.78%, Taiwan 1.73%, Canada 1.38%, Italy 1.29%, Russian Federation 1.18%, Argentina 1.00%, Israel 0.97%, Turkey 0.92%, Mexico 0.81%, Vietnam 0.77%, Netherlands 0.75%, Philippines 0.73%, Chile 0.70%, Malaysia 0.59%, Romania 0.59%, Singapore 0.44%, Portugal 0.42%, Hungary 0.40%, Morocco 0.38%, Hong Kong 0.37%, Thailand 0.36%, Ireland 0.36%, Sweden 0.32%, Egypt 0.29%, Colombia 0.29%,
Czech Republic 0.23%, Peru 0.23%, Uruguay 0.21%, Switzerland 0.20%, Belgium 0.20%, Austria 0.20%, Slovenia 0.20, Indonesia 0.18%, Bulgaria 0.18%, Lithuania 0.16%, Nigeria 0.15%, Denmark 0.15%, Latvia 0.15%, United Arab Emirates 0.15%, South Africa 0.14%, Ukraine 0.13%, Senegal 0.13%, New Zealand 0.12%, Norway 0.12%, Mauritius 0.11%, Venezuela 0.11%, Greece 0.10%.</p>
<p>About TotalBlock</p>
<p>TotalBlock - - is an Australian-developed anti-spam solution that blocks ALL spam, using the challenge-response methodology rather than less reliable filtering techniques. TotalBlock quickly and easily builds up a list of acceptable incoming email senders by replying automatically to all those who are not on the user’s allowed list. The reply message contains a simple action that, when followed, automatically adds the sender to the allowed list. The action can be as simple as replying to the challenge. Since the authorisation process requires human intervention, the challenge process bypasses drone machines that spew out huge volumes of spam. All address book entries are authorised automatically, as are senders who reply to mail sent by the user.</p>
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<p>For more information</p>
<p>Peter Stewart or Ben Corby
New Millennium Solutions
Tel. 61-2-9437 9800</p>

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