Homegrown distributor wins networking kudos

Homegrown distributor wins networking kudos

A distributor of LAN and WAN connectivity solutions, LAN Systems focuses on providing products and services to address emerging trends. Its aim is to help resellers and end users become more productive, unencumbered by the complexity of distributed networks.

LAN Systems represents some of the leading hardware manufacturers, such as Cisco Systems, 3Com, LANcast, Precept and Xpoint Technologies, combined with complimentary software utility products, such as Kane Security Analyst from specialist NetWare and Windows NT software suppliers.

Working solely through resellers, LAN Systems has successfully brought a range of innovative products to the Australian marketplace -- with LAN2LAN and TigerSwitch being the best known successes.

However, with the current industry trend towards company convergence and takeovers, LAN Systems has seen many of its products absorbed by the larger manufacturers. Furthermore, as confirmation of this approach, LAN Systems was awarded the inaugural Distributor of the Year 1995, Australia/New Zealand by Standard Microsystems (SMC), one of the world's largest Ethernet manufacturers.

More importantly in recent times, in recognition of its value-adding capability, LAN Systems has been chosen by Cisco and 3Com to represent their products in Australia.


Headquartered in Sydney, and with offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, LAN Systems concentrates solely on the Australian networking marketplace. From this base, LAN Systems services resellers Australia-wide. It relies on its extensive reseller base to service Australia's geographically dispersed end-user base -- with full backup services from LAN Systems.

Wholly Australian owned, LAN Systems ensures 100 per cent of profits are retained for further development and expansion within Australia.

Distributed products

Cisco Systems

Without doubt one of the leading global suppliers of internetworking solutions, including routers, LAN and ATM switches, dial-up access servers and network management software. You have several choices of distributors for this kit, so it's worth calling LAN Systems to see if it has an edge over your current supplier.


A leader in LANs and WANs that connect PCs, peripherals, and servers to shared information sources. It has extensive experience in remote access solutions. Again, 3Com can be sourced from quite a few distributors. Make sure you're getting the best deal.

Xpoint Technologies

A leading supplier of intelligent networking software, delivering solutions that optimises server networking performance. As the chair of the I20 peer-to-peer working group, Xpoint is driving industry standards for high bandwidth and high availability intelligent networking products.

Podell Systems

Podell Systems' Console Manager is dedicated to finding and resolving poorly addressed network administrative problems and working to make LAN administrators and network engineers more productive through the creation of superior and unusual software tools.

Intrusion Detection

A publisher of network security software tools that enable network professionals to more effectively manage enterprise-wide security. The Kane Security Monitor is an intrusion detection system that provides sophisticated network security monitoring for Windows NT networks. Using artificial intelligence, the KSM identifies both subtle and obvious security violations caused by outside hackers or even inside authorised users. Once a violation has been identified, the system administrator or security officer is alerted with the details.

Alexander LAN

Alexander LAN is the only company that focuses entirely on the prevention and resolution of NetWare file server crashes. It produces the only true NetWare Crash Handler. Novell techs use this software themselves when they want to know what is actually on a crash dump disk.

VitalSigns Software

Net.Medic is a browser companion that works with your Internet browser to monitor, isolate, diagnose, and correct problems that affect your Internet experience. Now you can identify the source of your network bottleneck-whether it is your PC, modem, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the Internet backbone, or remote Web site server.

Precept Software

A DevelopER of video communications solutions for corporate "intranets". The company's approach brings together the increasing processing power of the PC, new industry standard communication protocols and bandwidth-efficient networking techniques to create a new generation of real-time multimedia applications.


A ManufactureR OF chassis-based and stand-alone media conversion products for Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. These products allow you to extend your network, while utilising legacy cabling systems.

Contact Details

LAN Systems' Web site is the best place to start. Surf over to and browse around. Its online catalogue is still under development, but if you know a product name or description the search engine will pop up a price and code. It is also working on online ordering for its resellers. Useful links to vendors' sites and local copies of demos for downloading can save you surfing time. Alternatively you can contact:

LAN Systems

Tel (02) 9901 3655

Fax (02) 9901 3003

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