Channelling 2006: Your predictions for what lies ahead

Channelling 2006: Your predictions for what lies ahead

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Another hot area which will continue to hold a prominent place in the minds of the business market is security. Marketing director at security distributor Firewall Systems, Nick Verykios, said 2006 would be the year of the Unified Threat Management (UTM) device.

Security was moving in two directions - ID management and authentication, and intrusion prevention, he said. Both of these were driven by a need for compliance and a no-risk environment. However, corporates were still being overwhelmed by the sheer number of vendor products required to cover all security issues.

Resellers should step away from a vendor product sell, and look at security as a managed service, he said.

"Customers don't have to throw away anything - this is not a replacement sell, but a fulfilment sell," Verykios said. "But, more importantly, it is an opportunity for the reseller to own the customer and be a trusted consultant.

"There is a big opportunity in consolidation security with a purpose-built UTM hardware appliance that houses what the customer already has."

Di Data's Florian also highlighted WAN optimisation and intrusion prevention security solutions as remaining at the top of the list for the enterprise sector next year.

Netgear's Parker said it was already in tune with the need for better bandwidth management.

The vendor planned to bring out faster, higher capacity switches based on 10G, as well as SSL VPN solutions next year.

It was also expanding its wireless product range to cater to the increasingly innovative ways businesses were using the technology, he said.

The ratification of the WiMax wireless broadband standard, along with Intel's investment in Unwired this year, were providing the impetus for that space.

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