Duo to carry HP-branded SD cards

Duo to carry HP-branded SD cards

Memory distributor, Duo International, is aiming to make the first standalone HP-branded SD cards available in the Australian market this month.

Company director, Lee Welsh, said it would target retailers, e-tailers and corporate resellers with the new line, while also hunting for bundling opportunities with other vendors.

"The products will give us a lot of inroads into the retail market," he said.

"Anybody selling HP printers, notebooks, cameras or PDAs can sell these SD cards. They work well as an attachment sale."

The cards are being manufactured by Duo's memory partner, SimpleTech, which has held an OEM agreement with HP for several years.

SimpleTech vice-president of international sales, Eric Neseth, said the new licensing deal would allow it to begin producing SD cards branded with the HP logo and certified as compliant with HP products.

"HP had procured cards from us that were used for internal bundling purposes, but these were not available in the retail market," he said. "HP has had issues with other brands of SD cards in the marketplace. This will give it a standalone SKU."

The cards will be available with memory capacities of between 64MB and 2GB. They will be released in the US and Asia-Pacific simultaneously.

One of the biggest benefits of the deal was that it allowed SimpleTech to utilise an influential name for its push into the branded memory expansion space, Neseth said.

"When you look at the field of competition in the small form factor market, there aren't any big brands that are recognisable to consumers," he said. "The fact that HP is so well known everywhere - even at a consumer level - means it's a name users are comfortable with."

Almost all of HP's diverse product line was also shipped with an SD expansion slot, giving the channel a broad customer base to work with, Neseth said. SimpleTech and HP were also planning to manufacture HP-branded mini SD cards in the near future, he said.

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