People Telecom readies fast new broadband plans

People Telecom readies fast new broadband plans

People Telecom has its eye on serving up super-fast ADSL2+ and VoIP services via the DSL network of NEC's Nextep Broadband division.

Boasting access to almost 100 DSLAMs across the country, People Telecom is currently preparing residential and business-grade broadband plans in addition to VoIP offerings.

General manager of data products and strategy at People Telecom, Paul Marlow, said business and residential plans would be finalised in February. Services would go live in March.

"We will be offering a network that has been engineered for business," he said. "Existing residential networks are engineered well, but there is always resource sharing.

"Some of our competitors are trying to sell residential grade networks as business networks. They are basically Telstra wholesalers and deliver what they call business grade, but Telstra has not released a business grade product on DSL."

ADSL2+ boasts speeds up to 24Mbps depending on the proximity of the user to the local exchange.

Regular ADSL services offer speeds of between 256Kbps and 1.5Mbps.

The VoIP network People Telecom currently offers to residential users is built on the popular Engin. However, its business VoIP service will be built on a different technology base.

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