D-Link bolsters defence

D-Link bolsters defence

D-Link fortified its NetDefend security product line for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with new firewall products and a security appliance. The new firewalls, the D-Link NetDefend Firewall/VPN Applications, or the DFL-800 and DFL-1600, combine stateful packet inspection functionality offered in currently available NetDefend firewall products with content filtering and intrusion detection and protection, said Rocky Rosas, technical marketing engineer with D-Link. "Essentially, what we've done is created some high-performance security platforms that combine different types of security functions into a single product," he said. The NetDefend Application Security Gateway, or DFL-M510, adds new functionality to D-Link's security line, Rosas said. The product is an application security gateway that monitors and enforces a company's network policies at the application level, he said. The DFL-800 firewall supports 10 100M bps (bits per second) connections and up to 25,000 concurrent network sessions. The DFL-1600, which supports up to 400,000 concurrent sessions, supports six gigabit Ethernet connections.

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