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TruSecure® Implements Largest Australian Contract, Providing Rio Tinto With Global Risk Management Program™

  • 12 July, 2004 16:09

<p>~ Mining Giant Chooses Intelligence-Led IT Security Strategy To Support
Global Risk Management Plan ~</p>
<p>SYDNEY Australia, July 12, 2004: TruSecure®, the leading provider of intelligent risk management products and services, today announced that Rio Tinto has implemented a global Risk Management Program with a value approaching one million dollars, representing TruSecure's largest Australian contract to date.</p>
<p>The decision to work with TruSecure came after Rio Tinto determined that intelligent risk management was a critical strategic approach that could reduce expenditure on security tools and preserve IT staff resources for pro-active work. Rio Tinto chose TruSecure because the proposed Risk Management Program was the most comprehensive in the market, aligned with Rio Tinto's regulatory and strategic requirements, and saved money by enabling staff to focus only on significant risks.</p>
<p>The giant mining company, which generated $US11.755 billion of revenue in 2003 and operates facilities around the world, takes security very seriously as IT disruptions have the potential to interrupt the company's business operations. According to Steve Thurm, Information Security Manager for Rio Tinto, escalated virus activity throughout 2002 and 2003 led the company to review the state of its information security infrastructure to ensure it managed the risk of infection and damage effectively.</p>
<p>"The review discovered that patching and antivirus updating efforts had consumed unsustainable levels of resources within the company and hampered efforts to innovate," said Thurm. "The company's approach to threats was often reactive and indiscriminate. At the same time, malware and other attacks were becoming increasingly prevalent."</p>
<p>There was a real danger that IT staff would become overwhelmed unless the company engaged a partner who could be proactive and offer ongoing assistance. The review resulted in the establishment of a significant commercial relationship with TruSecure and a call for managers at all levels of the company to assume greater responsibility for assuring information security.</p>
<p>Rio Tinto management saw value in TruSecure's intelligent risk management approach as it has the potential to enhance security by analysing what it is necessary to expend effort and resources on, rather than applying tools to defend against threats which may not apply to its business.</p>
<p>Rio Tinto's Risk Management Program uses TruSecure products and services including:</p>
<p>* Risk Management Program for core IT infrastructure;</p>
<p>* Ongoing Intelligence providing Rio Tinto with access to TruSecure's TruIntelligence network to advise on how to secure its business resources efficiently, and stay ahead of the game with emerging risk analysis;</p>
<p>* Perimeter Risk Assessments for all business units to identify devices which require management to ensure security;</p>
<p>* IntelliShield Alert Manager for all business units.</p>
<p>"Rio Tinto is an outstanding example of how organisations can take a pro-active approach to information security based around effective processes and intelligence," said Philip Dewar, Vice President, Operations Asia Pacific at TruSecure. "In doing so, Rio Tinto can demonstrate sound corporate governance to its stakeholders, managing those risks that directly threaten the company's business and expending appropriate levels of resources in the process."</p>
TruSecure is the leading provider of intelligent risk management products and services. TruSecure dramatically improves security and reduces risk by helping organisations make better security decisions and maximise the effectiveness of existing security people, processes, and products.</p>
<p>Leveraging TruSecure's vast security knowledge and intelligence gathering resources-including ICSA Labs, the global leader in information security product certification-as well as innovative technology and time-tested processes, our customers can predict which vulnerabilities present real risk, quickly adapt to changes in the security threatscape, prioritise remediation efforts, measure progress in improving their security posture, and document compliance with applicable security policies, standards and regulations.</p>
<p>Headquartered in Herndon, VA, TruSecure Corporation has offices in North and Central America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Our customer-proven solutions are used by more than 700 organisations worldwide. For more information about TruSecure Corporation, visit</p>
<p>TruSecure, ICSA, ICSA Labs, Vigilinx and IntelliShield are registered trademarks of TruSecure Corporation. All other trademarks and service marks mentioned herein are property of their respective owners.</p>
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