Vendors fill niches for Notes/Domino users

Vendors fill niches for Notes/Domino users

For many companies, the real work begins once Lotus Notes and Domino groupware collaboration products are deployed. That's when third-party tools and applications are added to fill niches and specialized needs.

At this year's Lotusphere 2006 user conference, dozens of independent software vendors showcased their Notes and Domino add-ons in the show's busy exhibit hall.

Here is a sampling of some of the products offered:

Ardexus Mode Version 5 is the latest version of Ontario-based Ardexus's customer relationship management (CRM) plug-in suite. According to the vendor, it offers easy configuration and tools for marketing, tracking leads, maintaining contact information, managing accounts, calendaring and more. Pricing for a license begins at US$500 per user.

Version 4 of SpamSentinel antispam software from Boston-based Mayflower Software includes new policy management features. SpamSentinel is a Domino-based product that relies on feedback from millions of users around the world to determine if incoming messages are spam or legitimate e-mail. Mayflower also offers an antivirus module for Notes that strips viruses off e-mail messages as soon as they are received. SpamSentinel is available as an annual subscription service starting at US$450 per server for 10 users, or US$612 for a subscription that includes antivirus protection.

TrackMeet from Mendham, N.J.-based Kolaco is meeting-management software that allows users to record meeting minutes and track task assignments. The software allows designated tasks to be e-mailed to all meeting participants so that everyone knows who is responsible for each part of the project, according to Kolaco. TrackMeet starts at US$7,500 for up to 100 users.

Password management vendor PistolStar unveiled Version 8 of Password Power, an application that's designed to automate the process by which Lotus Notes users log in using their Microsoft Windows usernames and passwords, thus reducing the number of passwords required and increasing security. Password Power leverages the network's central LDAP directory, providing authentication and giving more control to administrators by keeping all log-in settings in one place, according to Nashua, N.H.-based PistolStar. Password Power 8 is costs US$8 to US$10 per user for a typical deployment of 7,500 users.

Idokorro Mobile Admin Version 3.1 software from Ontario-based Idokorro Mobile Inc. gives Notes/Domino administrators the ability to administer Domino servers remotely using a wide range of handheld wireless devices, including Palm Treos, Nokia cell phones, BlackBerries, Microsoft Pocket PC-enabled devices and smart phones. The software, which typically sells for US$145 per server when deployed on more than 75 servers, also allows administrators to manage Windows, Oracle, SQL Server and Citrix applications, the company said.

San Jose-based e-mail archiving vendor ZipLip unveiled the latest version of its Unified E-mail Archival Suite. The upgrade features tighter integration with Notes and Domino and a full range of capabilities, including e-mail compliance, storage and knowledge management, according to the vendor. The software starts at US$15,000.

Cobra Image Router software from Cobra Technologies in Fla., helps users scan and digitize their paper documents using scanning machines from a variety of vendors, including Ricoh and Hewlett-Packard. Pricing for Version 5 of the software begins at US$4,000 per server.

Antispam vendor IronPort Systems exhibited network appliances that are designed to offer antispam and antivirus protection for Notes/Domino deployments. Featuring real-time monitoring and centralized incident reporting tools, the appliances use IronPort's reputation filtering and Web reputation technologies to filter out unwanted e-mail. The appliances start at US$3,000 for 100 users.

Federated Identity & Resource Manager for Lotus Domino is a software application designed to help automate, integrate and delegate Domino administration within an enterprise. The product helps cut costs and requires minimal administrator training, according to London-based vendor HADSL. Pricing begins at US$15 per user.

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