Cisco delivers 10 Gigabit Ethernet to the closet

Cisco delivers 10 Gigabit Ethernet to the closet

Ready to roll

Try as I might, I couldn't get the Supervisor Engine II-Plus-10GE in the 4506 to stumble, even when presented with oversubscribed workloads and heavy QoS overhead. The port density offered by the 4506 chassis is substantial: My evaluation unit came with 48 10/100 copper ports, 48 SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) 10/100 fiber ports, and 18 SFP/copper gigabit interfaces. The 4506 can handle a maximum of 240 gigabit copper interfaces, each supporting 802.3af power over Ethernet. Also, 240 gigabit fiber ports are supported, making the 4506 with the Supervisor Engine II-Plus-10GE a large distribution layer possibility.

With redundant 1,000W power supplies, the power consumption isn't as substantial as one might think -- and I ran all my tests using a single power supply.

For use in a redundant configuration, the Cisco 4507R chassis is required, and two Supervisor II-Plus-10GE supervisors may be used in a fail-over fashion. Although four 10-Gig ports are present between the two supervisors, only two may be utilized in this configuration.

The Supervisor Engine II-Plus-10GE supports CLI and SNMP management but doesn't support Web management of a useful sort. However, Cisco's Network Assistant will work with the Supervisor Engine II-Plus-10GE and provide SNMP-driven GUI management for most common functions, such as VLAN port changes and general switch management.

So, given a solid fiber plant, pushing 20Gbps each way to closets or other buildings on a campus or within a MAN (metropolitan area network) is easily possible with this switch. Cisco's Supervisor Engine II-Plus-10GE and the 4506 chassis are meant to perform some heavy lifting, and together they stand as another nail in the coffin for ATM as an enterprise interconnect.

Manufacturer: Cisco Systems
Environment: enterprise LAN access, branch offices, Layer 3 distribution points, small and medium-sized businesses, and metropolitan (metro) Ethernet deployments
Features: 6-slot; supports supervisor Engine II-Plus, IV, V, V-10GE; 1-slot engine; integrated PoE
How To Buy: Resellers
Price: $4,995.00
Switch Type: LAN
Technology Partners: Accenture; BearingPoint; Callisma; Capgemini; EDS; Ericsson; HP; IBM; Intel; Italtel; Microsoft; Motorola; Sony; ThruPoint
:Options: Supervisor II plus 10GE; delivers wire-rate 10GE switching and granular QoS support for the edge.

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