MSI Computer rings management changes

MSI Computer rings management changes

MSI Computer has shuffled its local management deck with country manger, Allen Liu, and general manager, Tracy Tsuei, heading for the exit door.

New country manager, Frank Chen, said the movement was based on a company policy of regularly rotating its management teams.

"MSI has a policy of manager rotation. Managers are regularly rotated for the experience of working in different countries," he said.

Chen was unable to confirm that Liu and Tsuei would be moved into new roles with the company in a different market.

"I think they have another arrangement, I'm not sure if they're staying [with MSI]," he said.

Prior to departing, Liu and Tsuei were planning an aggressive attack on the notebook space and, in particular, arch-rival Asus. This involved moving the business away from its components history into more consumer-oriented product sets - a strategy Chen said he still planned to implement.

"Our business in Australia is doing quite well, but we will become more aggressive this year," he said. "In some ways, we have been conservative for the past two years and played very safe.

"You will see more people on the street this year, promoting MSI. We will be going out for the orders, rather than relying on distributors. It is basic sales skills we will be taking out to the market."

Growth areas for the company this year would come via notebooks and consumer electronics, Chen said.

These include an MP3 player, USB-based high-definition TV tuner and Bluetooth connectivity products. A surge of similar products in recent times had called for a change in the way the company approached distribution.

Chen also had plans for a new showroom but was unable to provide a completion date.

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