Verizon Business to launch today

Verizon Business to launch today

Verizon plans to launch its new Verizon Business unit on Monday.

Verizon Communications plans to launch its Verizon Business division this week, a unit that will serve business and government customers and operate a global IP (Internet Protocol) network.

The new division was formed in the wake of Verizon's merger with MCI, a US$8.5 billion deal that closed Jan. 6. The merger gave Verizon MCI's international network and large roster of enterprise customers. Verizon Business will have a global network of more than 100,000 miles to work with, Verizon said when it announced the closing of the merger. The unit will also absorb the former Verizon Enterprise Solutions Group. It will be led by John Killian, formerly senior vice president and chief financial officer of Verizon's domestic telecommunications business, who will be president of the new unit.

Verizon Business will have its official product launch in a Web conference on Monday, according to a media advisory. When it announced the close of the merger, Verizon said the division would announce new products and services in January.

Verizon, based in New York, became one of two mega-carriers in the U.S. with the closure of the MCI deal and the formation of AT&T through the merger of SBC Communications and AT&T Corp. In addition to business services and domestic phone and broadband networks, it operates Verizon Wireless as a joint venture with Vodafone Group.

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