Notes from the field: Murdoch auctions a snack, MSN rejects IE for Mac

Notes from the field: Murdoch auctions a snack, MSN rejects IE for Mac

Several readers wrote in to correct a recent column in which I accidentally reversed my Generation X and Y coordinates: X are the slackers, whereas the Y generation is into self-mutilation. Another reader called me an aging boomer and blamed my generation for Enron and Iraq, among other debacles. Why don't we just call them all - X, Y and Z - Generation Whine?

Bidder off dead: Media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, has auctioned off lunch for five guests and himself at the News Corp's HQ in NYC. (The menu included liver-spot pate, freshly boiled kittens and the head of a recently fired executive.) Proceeds from the eBay auction benefitted Israel's Jerusalem College of Technology. The $US57,100 winning bid came from Wabanhood, aka Learning Annex president, Bill Zanker, who outbid the casino (proud owners of the Virgin Mary on grilled cheese).

Desperate housewife: In other auction news, a boomer-aged Denver woman named Deborah Hale is auctioning off her house - with herself in it ( Her asking price is $US600,000. The good news? The winning bidder won't have to eat lunch with Rupert Murdoch.

At least shipping was free: Cringester Tom M was shopping for a Dell Axim X50 case when he stumbled across one on listed for only $US266,250 with tax. (The price had been corrected at press time.) DealTime said the $US25 item was probably entered into its database as $25.0000; it seems extra zeros can throw the site into a decimal-point tizzy.

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