New Netgear wireless router too quick for demand

New Netgear wireless router too quick for demand

Demand for Netgear's new series of RangeMax 240 wireless networking products is expected to exceed supply, according to Netgear Asia-Pacific vice president, Ian McLean.

The RangeMax 240 series which consists of a notebook adaptor, a wireless router and a soon-to-be-released USB version, can provide users with wireless speeds of up to 240Mbps, comparable with 10/100 Ethernet wired networks.

"Global demand for the 240 series has been massive," McLean said. "But the great news for Australia is that we are one of the key markets and will be receiving our batch right behind the US."

Although limited supplies of the RangeMax 240 products will be hitting Australian stores over the next couple weeks, McLean said consumers could expect up to a six week wait until supplies began rolling in smoothly.

The range will be marketed at small businesses and home users that require high wireless speeds to support bandwidth-intensive applications such as high-definition video, VoIP telephony or streaming audio and video.

McLean said that the 240 series would be compatible with other legacy devices albeit at slower speeds if used with older wireless standards.

Netgear would continue to sell its RangeMax 108 series, which was currently the number one selling MIMO enhanced wireless router in the world, he said.

Recommended retail prices are: RangeMax 240 WPNT834 Wireless Router - $339; Wireless Notebook Adapter - $219. The USB version will be available in Australia soon, although no pricing was available at this time.

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