Nokia: resellers should take mobility to the enterprise

Nokia: resellers should take mobility to the enterprise

There are still some prohibitive attitudes in the enterprise market about mobility, but now is the time for resellers to get out there and counter the misconceptions, according to Nokia Enterprise Solutions marketing manager, Brad Reed.

"The cost has dropped, the number and variety of devices available has multiplied, the required middleware is more readily available and the time is right for resellers to help roll mobility out to a broader section of the enterprise market," he said.

Nokia has published a whitepaper compiling its own case studies along with ones carried out by analysts. It shows that even though mobile and wireless products have entered the enterprise, they have only been rolled out to the top executive level.

"Up until now mobile devices have only been available to enterprise through network providers and telco's such as Optus and Telstra," Reed said. "This has made it expensive to roll out to the wider workforce," Reed said.

"That is changing and the market place is becoming more open for traditional IT resellers to step in and add mobility to their existing portfolio."

Reed points to Nokia's Business Centre, an entry-level mobile email service which it plans to take to market in the next two months as a product resellers could use to sell alongside, and on top of, existing products to enter into the mobility market.

"This product will open up a number of new possibilities," he said. "Where a reseller may have previously sold traditional IT products like laptops, they can now offer a broader range of hardware, such as PDAs and smartphones. The Nokia Business Centre will also give resellers a bolt-on wireless email product which they can sell as part of a package along with their other products."

Reed said that Nokia would look at opening the Business Centre to more resellers towards the second quarter of this year, after the product has been bedded down and all the infrastructure is in place to support new resellers.

"We see the IT reseller as a very important way to take mobility solutions to the enterprise market," he said.

Reed said vendors and resellers needed to work together to show the market that products were available now that offered ease of management and security.

"The good news is that price and cost are no longer barriers," he said. "Most enterprises now understand the value of mobility: cost has dropped, and Return On Investment (ROI) calculations are not difficult to make. Most organisations that take the mobilisation path make ROI in six to 12 months," he said.

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