KH breaks record but nano in short supply

KH breaks record but nano in short supply

Brisbane-based Apple specialist, KH Distribution, smashed its monthly sales record by almost a third in November.

Managing director, Keith Rice, said the company had suffered a worrying lull in the previous month but bounced back strongly.

"Apple refreshed most of its product lines in October but we didn't see shipments until November," he said. "We had seen good forecasting from the retail sector but I was feeling cautious about Christmas sales."

Those fears proved to be unfounded, with demand for iPods helping the distributor to beat its previous monthly sales total by 32 per cent in November. That number is even more remarkable when you consider this Christmas' hottest gadget - the 4GB iPod nano - is in seriously short supply.

"The iPod really is a phenomenon - it seems everybody wants a 4GB nano but the reality is that they're not coming," Rice said. "Despite that, we have seen huge sales of the 2GB model and the 30GB iPod photo. It's a similar story with the shuffle; there are no 1GB models about but plenty of 512MB."

Applecentre North Sydney store manager, Adam Connor, agreed the nano was a stocking problem but said Apple had done a good job with its other lines this Christmas.

"The nano is in very tight supply but I am incredibly pleased with the availability of other Apple products," he said. "Anything starting with an 'i' will sell well this Christmas."

General manager for computers at Harvey Norman, Rutland Smith, said demand had been extremely high and the mass merchant had also been unable to get enough stock.

The scarcity of 4GB nanos meant KH Distribution now had many thousands on back order, very few of which would be fulfilled before Christmas.

"We might get 50 in for every thousand we put on back order," Rice estimated. "Resellers have been getting frustrated but the noise has died down lately and most are concentrating on selling the products they do have in stock.

"Looking at Apple products across the board, we would be unlikely to ship 20 per cent of our back orders before Christmas."

Apple refused to speculate on when its nano supply issues would be resolved.

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