Dubbo dealer tops SMB world

Dubbo dealer tops SMB world

A Dubbo reseller has been selected among a select list of the world's leading small and medium business consultants. Axxis Technology director, Mathew Dickerson, was included in a new book, Top 15 Successful SMB Consultants Share Strategies and Lessons Learned.

US-based small business guru, Harry Brelsford, was responsible for compiling the list of champion consultants. Visiting Australia last week, he told ARN he had based his decision on three criteria.

"I have met a lot of consultants as I travel around doing workshops and there is some gold in them there hills," Brelsford said.

"The people selected for the book are all thought leaders in the SMB technology space and have had an impact on that sector. They are also financially successful - I meet a lot of people that know the technology inside out but haven't managed to convert that knowledge into a thriving business. Looking at it from the other side, the top 15 couldn't just be sales people. You come across some guys that don't know the technology too well but could sell snow to the Eskimos. I was looking for balance."

Brelsford first met Dickerson about four years ago when the pair sat next to each other on a fairground ride at a Microsoft partner conference in the US. They got chatting and, since then, Dickerson said the two regularly discussed industry trends and bounced ideas off each other via email.

While flattered to be the only Aussie included in Brelsford's new book, Dickerson said he couldn't put his finger on one particular aspect of his business that had earned a spot on the list.

But then this isn't the first time somebody has put the spotlight on Dickerson and Axxis Technology; the company has collected 13 major vendor awards during the past five years.

"My philosophy is that every little thing is important in making a business successful," he said.

Having started out 16 years ago as a one-man band that dabbled in just about anything related to electronics or technology, Dickerson has spun off a mobile phone reseller, a training company and a cabling business that he sold about 18 months ago.

"PCs weren't common in every home and office back in the late 1980s so you just tried to do everything you could," he recalled. "We do less now than we did back then in terms of scope but we do it better."

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