Hover mouse is battery-free

Hover mouse is battery-free

It's not as sleek as Apple's Mighty Mouse, nor as obsessively gamer-centric as Razer's Copperhead, but Dicota's Hover mouse has a trick up its sleeve.

Unlike other wireless optical models, the Hover is entirely battery-free.

So you don't need to dock it overnight to avoid finding a dead rodent on your desk in the morning, nor will you find yourself swapping out dead batteries in the middle of an intense online firefight.

Instead, the Hover gets what it needs from a special electromagnetic induction mat, which is pretty handy.

We're not quite sure why Dicota has made it so small - after all, travellers probably won't want to carry the special mouse mat around with them - and we did spot a smidgeon of interference when you use it near a CRT, but on the whole, it's an effective solution to the wireless/battery problem.

The product is distributed by Lako Pacific. RRP: $60 URL:

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