Submissions close for centralised PC contract in Victoria

Submissions close for centralised PC contract in Victoria

Local computer suppliers are waiting with baited breath after submitting for the Victorian State Government's first ever centralised PC procurement policy.

The PC and Notebook Equipment Panel will cover the provision of desktop PCs, two classes of notebooks (Ultra Mobile User and Standard User Class) and associated services. The contract will run for three years, with options to extend for two further years. Requests for tenders closed on November 17.

The contract encompasses a total of 11 state departments including the lucrative Department of Education and Training and the Victoria Police.

In its request for tender document, the government said the combined departments maintained approximately 35,000 PCs and notebooks, worth about $10 million per year. There were an additional 250,000 units maintained by external government agencies that would also use the State Purchase Contracts (SPCs).

A spokesperson from the Department of Infrastructure, which manages the contract, said there were nine different departmental contracts in place for the supply of PCs and notebooks to the Victorian Government.

The new centralised panel would allow the state government to have a tighter hold on its procurement policies.

"Prices and catalogue management, technology refresh and performance will be very closely monitored and managed," the spokesperson said.

"The objective for the Victorian model is to continue to ensure we get the best possible value for money."

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