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Quantum Announces Comprehensive, Multi-Layered Data Security Framework For Backup, Recovery and Archive

  • 06 December, 2005 11:20

Quantum Announces Comprehensive, Multi-Layered Data Security Framework For Backup, Recovery and Archive</p>
<p>Includes DLTSageTM Tape Security, a Unique Solution Designed to Address Concern about Lost Tapes by Preventing Unauthorized Access to Data at No Additional Cost</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia – 6 December 2005 – Quantum Corp. (NYSE:DSS), a global leader in storage, today unveiled a comprehensive, multi-layered data security framework focused specifically on backup, recovery and archive processes. Addressing security for standalone tape drives, tape cartridges, and tape automation and disk-based backup systems, this framework encompasses three types of controls: those governing physical access, administrative access and data access. Quantum is incorporating these controls into a range of robust but cost-effective security offerings to be introduced in phases over the coming year. In developing its security framework, the company has focused on providing a range of options that are easy to implement and manage and that enable customers to meet required levels of data confidentiality, integrity and availability, with no disruption to their backup and recovery processes.</p>
<p>Quantum’s initial security offerings will include DLTSage Tape Security, a unique solution designed to prevent unauthorized access to data on tape cartridges that will be particularly valuable in protecting tapes that must be transported offsite. At no additional cost to customers, this feature will be provided in the company’s newest DLT® tape drives and supported in its tape automation systems. DLTSage Tape Security will also serve as a complement to other elements of Quantum’s security framework, including a new strategic partnership with Decru and native encryption on Quantum’s DLT tape drives.</p>
<p>“Quantum is building on its industry leadership with a solid, multi-layered security framework for customers of all sizes,” said Jon Oltsik, senior analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group. “The DLTSage Tape Security solution is particularly unique, as it addresses an immediate end-user need, does not impact backup or recovery performance and is offered free-of-charge. By combining this security protection with encryption and other types of access controls, Quantum has clearly demonstrated that it understands the importance of a layered approach to data security.”</p>
<p>Over the past year, there have been several high profile reports of major companies losing tapes containing private information on millions of individuals, raising concern about exposure and misuse of such information. The incidents have forced these companies to bear the financial cost of mitigating potential damage to impacted customers and employees, exposed them to legal risk, and harmed their reputations. These incidents have also led to federal and state efforts to create new laws and regulations governing data security. However, while many businesses are beginning to recognize the increased importance of securing their data, they are struggling with how to respond. A study earlier this year by the Enterprise Strategy Group found that less than 20 percent of companies regularly encrypt their data as it’s backed up to tape. In many cases, the reluctance to take action in the area of storage security is due to concerns about cost, performance degradation, and the impact on recovering data, as well as the sense that many solutions don’t meet the full range of security needs.</p>
<p>Quantum’s security framework addresses these customer concerns by taking a defense-in-depth approach, with controls on physical access, administrative access and data access in backup, recovery and archive processes. In addition to physical locks Quantum currently provides on its storage systems, the company will offer administrative controls such as user authentication and authorization and role-based access privileges that allow only authorized administrators to access Quantum systems. Other administrative controls will include audit logging and Secure Socket Layer/Secure Shell (SSL/SSH) support. Audit logging enables tracking of all attempts to access Quantum systems, whether successful or not, as well as tracking of activity once access is granted. SSL/SSH support provides secure network-based access and login access to administrative information about Quantum’s storage systems.</p>
<p>At the heart of Quantum’s security framework is a set of data access controls. Quantum’s DLTSage Tape Security is a firmware feature designed into its newest DLT tape drives that uses an electronic key to prevent or allow reading and writing of data on to a tape cartridge. This key can be managed in three ways: 1) at the individual tape drive level, using Quantum’s award-winning DLTSage management architecture; 2) by the host backup application; or 3) via the management console from which Quantum’s tape autoloaders and libraries are managed. DLTSage Tape Security will be available at no additional cost as an integrated feature in Quantum’s upcoming new DLT-S4 super drive and in its recently introduced DLT-V4 value line tape drive (a firmware upgrade will be available for existing DLT-V4 customers). DLTSage Tape Security will also be supported at no additional cost across Quantum’s tape automation portfolio.</p>
<p>While DLTSage Tape Security provides a way to protect data for customers who do not want or need to encrypt all their data, Quantum’s security framework also includes encryption. The company will be partnering with Decru in a strategic relationship that includes both joint sales and marketing efforts and interoperability testing involving Decru’s DataFortTM storage security appliances. The DataFort appliance provides wire-speed, transparent encryption and access controls for disk and tape storage systems, delivering best-in-class security, performance and key management for heterogeneous storage environments. In addition to the joint sales and marketing efforts with Decru, Quantum also plans to offer tightly integrated encryption and security management capabilities within its product line.</p>
<p>“Decru is very pleased to work with Quantum to bring storage security solutions to market,” said Kevin Brown, vice president of marketing at Decru. “Quantum’s DLTSage Tape Security feature and our DataFort appliance are highly complementary and, together, provide multiple layers of protection for organizations' digital assets.”</p>
<p>“The security framework Quantum is announcing today is just the latest example of what we’re doing to deliver greater value and a better overall experience to customers as their backup, recovery and archive challenges evolve,” said Craig Tamlin, Australia and New Zealand Country Manager for Quantum. “This framework and the series of new tape and disk products we’ve introduced this year reflect our focus on providing a broad range of options for customers to reliably and cost-effectively meet their individual needs in a tiered storage environment.”</p>
<p>Availability of Quantum’s Security Offerings
Quantum plans to begin offering DLTSage Tape Security in its DLT-V4 and DLT-S4 tape drives, along with related key management in its tape automation systems, in the first calendar quarter of 2006. During this same quarter, the company will also initiate joint sales, marketing and interoperability activities with Decru and begin providing user authentication and authorization, role-based access controls and SSL/SSH support. Quantum plans to introduce the remaining elements of its security framework, including audit logging and native encryption, in subsequent quarters of calendar year 2006.</p>
<p>About Quantum
Quantum Corp. (NYSE:DSS), a global leader in storage, delivers highly reliable backup, recovery and archive solutions that meet demanding requirements for data integrity and availability with superior price/performance and comprehensive service and support. Quantum offers customers of all sizes an unparalleled range of solutions, from leading tape drive and media technologies, autoloaders and libraries to disk-based backup systems. Quantum is the world’s largest volume supplier of both tape drives and tape automation and has pioneered the development of disk-based systems optimized for backup and recovery. Quantum Corp., 1650 Technology Drive, Suite 800, San Jose, CA 95110, (408) 944-4000,
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