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BakBone Unveils Integrated Data Protection Vision for Centrally Managing Access and Availability of Data

  • 30 November, 2005 14:51

<p>Sydney, Australia – 30 November, 2005 - BakBone Software(R) (TSX:BKB) (Pink Sheets:BKBO), a global provider of data protection software, today announced a strategy for optimising data protection functionality, called Integrated Data Protection™(IDP™). This new vision allows IT organisations to centrally manage and control access and availability of data in order to more effectively meet business, operational and financial objectives.</p>
<p>"Today, companies are grappling with a wide range of problems caused by administering distinct data protection products independently," explains Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst of Enterprise Strategy Group. "In articulating its IDP vision, BakBone makes major strides in bridging the gap between products and functionality while offering a unified view of an organisation's data storage and protection environment."</p>
<p>As data management has evolved in importance while becoming more complex, customers now are focused on data availability and recoverability. IDP is developed on the concept of combining the people, processes and technologies into one concerted, integrated data protection infrastructure to meet Recovery Level Objectives (RLOs) and compliance needs.</p>
<p>"With IDP, BakBone is uniquely positioned to extend its backup and recovery leadership to encompass a suite of integrated data protection capabilities that can be managed from a single point of control," said Jim Johnson, president and CEO of BakBone Software. "IDP redefines traditional notions of data protection by helping customers reduce the complexity of managing their data protection environment. IDP allows customers to meet their compliance needs, achieve their recovery level objectives, more efficiently manage their operations, and produce improved business value from an integrated data protection framework."</p>
<p>BakBone will use its IDP building-block approach to integrate and automate different data storage and protection products and functionality. Unlike competitive offerings that consist of separate point products that lack coordination and require manual administration, IDP will provide a holistic view and centralised management of a range of data storage and protection technologies, including the Company's award-winning NetVault® backup and recovery software, replication, archiving and continuous data protection (CDP).</p>
<p>IDP provides additional networked storage flexibility, enabling customers to deploy different technologies independently or seamlessly integrate them without adding complexity to their environment. Additionally, a comprehensive policy management engine streamlines policy enforcement to address both regulatory and corporate compliance. IDP is fully heterogeneous and offers cross platform support with enterprise-class data protection functionality without the usual tradeoffs in ease of use. As a result, IDP will reduce both the costs and complexities of managing disparate data sets while providing an improved method for meeting recovery point objectives and ensuring compliance.</p>
<p>"New data protection technologies have promised to address issues such as compliance, shrinking backup windows, mixed-platform environments and the need for 24/7 access and availability," said Larry Corvari, vice president of operations and deployment at Wireless Services Corp. "In reality, however, the lack of integration between these disciplines makes data storage protection increasingly more complex, and inadvertently the job more difficult. As a user of numerous data protection technologies, our challenge is to enforce corporate policies and meet enterprise wide business objectives. What's needed most is a policy-based data storage management approach that takes the guesswork out of monitoring, storing and tracking data."</p>
<p>About IDP</p>
<p>BakBone's Integrated Data Protection (IDP) provides a comprehensive suite of integrated, heterogeneous cross-platform data protection technologies that are seamlessly managed from a single console. IDP enables administrators to easily and cost-effectively achieve high data availability, set schedules, manage policies, as well as control and report on their storage environment. BakBone's IDP framework consists of two key layers: the Core Services Managers(TM) and the individual data availability and protection technologies.</p>
<p>Core Services Managers - these are responsible for intelligently managing the coordination and operation of the underlying data protection technologies, as well as automating and enforcing recovery policies for specific applications across the environment all from a common interface. Consisting of five core services including a Control Manager(TM), Scheduling Manager(TM), Reporting Manager(TM), Policy Manager(TM), and Security Manager(TM), over time, these will be delivered as part of the IDP solution with continuous enhancements as part of the IDP product roadmap.</p>
<p>Data Availability and Protection Technologies - as IDP matures, BakBone will extend into emerging data protection markets with an integrated portfolio of technology offerings including NetVault backup and recovery, replication, archiving and continuous data protection (CDP). With IDP, customers can deploy these individual BakBone technologies or seamlessly integrate them into a heterogeneous IDP environment managed from one single interface without adding complexity.</p>
<p>About BakBone Software, Inc.</p>
<p>BakBone Software is a leading international data protection solution provider that develops and distributes data backup, restore, and disaster recovery software for network storage and open-systems environments. BakBone delivers scalable solutions that address the complex demands of large enterprise environments, as well as small to medium size businesses. Founded in 2000, BakBone products are used by Fortune 1000 corporations and domestic and international government entities. Distributed through a select global network of OEM partners, resellers and solution providers, interested companies can learn more information about BakBone's products and services and its newly introduced IDP vision at or email</p>
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