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FileNet introduces new version of FileNet P8 Enterprise Content Management platform

  • 20 July, 2004 14:22

<p>SYDNEY ­ July 20, 2004. FileNet Corporation, a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, today announced general availability of the latest release of its FileNet P8 architecture, FileNet P8 3.0.</p>
<p>Featuring integrated content, process and connectivity, FileNet P8 is designed to support an extensive range of processes and related business content that is essential to support decision-making at all levels in an organisation. New features and functionality will include support for two new product suites, FileNet Records Manager and FileNet Team Collaboration Manager.</p>
<p>FileNet P8 is an integrated framework that combines industry leading content, process and connectivity capabilities in a single unified solution, delivering an application development framework specifically designed to promote ease of use, rapid application development and lower total cost of ownership. FileNet P8’s unique architecture offers customers, systems integrators and resellers the ability to quickly and easily develop customised ECM solutions.</p>
<p>FileNet P8 3.0 comprises highly integrated product suites that offer customers the flexibility to buy what they need to meet specific business requirements and add additional components as required to address new and emerging needs. FileNet P8 3.0 is the only ECM platform designed to enable customers to leverage Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities throughout the entire breadth of product functionality – Content Management, Image Management, Team Collaboration, Forms Management, Records Management and Web Content Management – to deliver business process control, consistency and improvement across the enterprise.</p>
<p>As well as support for two new product suites, FileNet Records Manager and FileNet Team Collaboration Manager, new functionality includes new language packs designed to offer customers the ability to download and install language-specific interfaces within minutes to help support multinational operations.</p>
<p>FileNet P8 3.0 offers expanded operating platform support for Windows, Solaris, AIX and HP/UX. Additionally, with FileNet P8 3.0, FileNet introduces XML Web service-based access to provide a whole new level of platform-independent connectivity and interoperability, and support growing market requirements for Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs).</p>
<p>“With the launch of FileNet P8 3.0, FileNet extends its ECM product leadership, helping customers make better business decisions through a single unified architecture with enterprise-level scalability, interoperability and flexibility for lower total cost of ownership,” said James Rae, Managing Director FileNet Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>FileNet P8: Powering FileNet Records Manager and FileNet Team Collaboration Manager</p>
<p>FileNet P8 3.0 will power two new ECM suites; FileNet Records Manager, scheduled to ship in August 2004, and FileNet Team Collaboration Manager, scheduled for release during the fourth quarter, 2004.</p>
<p>FileNet Records Manager is a comprehensive records management platform designed to automate and streamline all records-based activities and enforce compliance by eliminating unnecessary end user participation, and create business advantage by reducing the overall cost of compliance.</p>
<p>The solution offers a revolutionary integrated, process-driven approach to records management, designed to assure policy enforcement, reduce risk and generate cost savings, while providing the scalability needed for enterprise-level records management and regulatory compliance. Innovative FileNet ZeroClick technology is designed to enforce records management policies at the technology layer, eliminating user-related error, time and cost factors, helping to ensure best practice records management. Additionally, FileNet ZeroClick eliminates the onus and burden of records management tasks for employees, as the technology can be integrated into daily work routines and enforced.</p>
<p>FileNet Team Collaboration Manager is a team collaboration solution suite designed to promote more effective and efficient group decision-making. The solution is designed to combine collaboration tools, unprecedented access to enterprise content, and support for both structured and ad hoc business processes.</p>
<p>Powered by FileNet P8 3.0, Team Collaboration Manager is designed to offer a content- and process-rich collaboration framework to facilitate collaboration from any point in any process. This process-driven approach optimises team interactions to speed project completion, and ensures adherence to corporate best practice and regulatory compliance guidelines.</p>
<p>The Power of Integrated Content, Process and Connectivity
With FileNet P8, FileNet has brought together powerful content, process and connectivity capabilities designed for enterprise-level scalability. This integration allows companies to control, optimise and streamline the deployment of content and processes for peak operational performance.</p>
<p>The value of FileNet’s integrated platform can be seen at work in an example of a group of geographically dispersed employees, customers, and suppliers working together to bid on a contract. Using FileNet Team Collaboration Manager, the team is bound together by a virtual workspace where content, process and connectivity facilitates real-time collaboration and information exchange. As new relevant information is made available, (i.e. revised Request for Proposal guidelines or new pricing information), it is automatically made available to the work team. Action items are automatically routed to the appropriate individuals or groups, along with any and all relevant content that is critical for decision-making, and the status of these work items can be made visible to team members at any point in the process.</p>
<p>Moreover, as the team moves forward, key deliverables are automatically and invisibly declared and filed as records, by matching criteria such as user name or role, step in the process such as (draft review vs. final approval), creation date, or content type, in accordance with the company’s overall records management file plan. FileNet believes it is the only ECM vendor that can offer this type of value proposition.</p>
<p>This is made possible, in part, through FileNet Active Content, whereby content and processes are made to work together to facilitate and accelerate information exchange, and respond to business or transaction events to solve real business issues. Active Content helps organisations reduce cycle times and costs, improve business agility, and deliver superior customer service by enabling businesses to make better, faster and more informed decisions. It also enables organisations to take advantage of more flexible, agile business processes to help quickly address changing market dynamics, and to improve organizational transparency, key to regulatory compliance.</p>
<p>“The benefits of process-driven ECM, where content is activated to drive business processes, cannot be underestimated in today’s business world, where responsiveness is paramount,” said Richard Medina, Principal Analyst, Doculabs. “The FileNet P8 3.0 platform’s integrated content, process and connectivity capabilities offer businesses the ability to streamline delivery of content and improve productivity for enhanced decision-making.”</p>
<p>The 3.0 version of FileNet P8 is now shipping.</p>
<p>About FileNet
FileNet Corporation (NASDAQ: FILE) helps organisations to make better decisions by managing the content and processes that drive their business. FileNet’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions allow customers to build and sustain competitive advantage by managing content throughout their organisations, automating and streamlining their business processes, and providing the full spectrum of connectivity needed to simplify their critical and everyday decision-making.</p>
<p>FileNet ECM solutions deliver a comprehensive set of capabilities that integrate with existing information systems to provide cost-effective solutions that solve real-world business problems.</p>
<p>Since the Company’s founding in 1982, more than 4,000 organisations, including more than three-quarters of the Fortune 100, have taken advantage of FileNet solutions for help in managing their mission-critical content and processes.</p>
<p>Headquartered in Costa Mesa, Calif., with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, the company markets its innovative ECM solutions in more than 90 countries through its own global sales, professional services and support organisations, as well as via its ValueNet® Partner network of resellers, system integrators and application developers. Visit FileNet's Web site at, or call (02) 8224 09900.</p>

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