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Are You Well-Aligned with the Australian Consumer? IDC Asks

  • 28 November, 2005 11:12

<p>NORTH SYDNEY, November 28th, 2005 - IDC Australia's first segmentation analysis of the consumer market reveals that consumer motivations, in conjunction with their knowledge and willingness to adopt, serve to pinpoint meaningful technology attitudes and usage patterns. Through the IDC Consumer Intelligence Framework (CIF) Methodology, IDC has conceived a differential segmentation model, which leads to the identification of six distinct Australian consumer segments.</p>
<p>"As each consumer segment has its own characteristics and particular requirements, meaningful identification of their nature and expected behaviour helps technology players understand and better serve their customers", said Jerson Yau, Mobile &amp; Wireless Associate Analyst, and co-author of IDC's latest consumer market report.</p>
<p>Warren Chaisatien, Mobile &amp; Wireless Research Manager, added that the CIF and the ensuing differential segmentation model can be used to evaluate any technology. "Since mobile services are ubiquitous in Australia, we have used them as proxies to demonstrate the potential applications of the CIF and segmentation model via the mapping of major mobile carrier positioning, mobile content portal awareness and usage, and consumer segment mobile consumption."</p>
<p>This report, titled "It's Not Easy To Be Me: Australian Consumer Differential Segmentation" discusses consumer motivations and their significance within the CIF, the differential segmentation of Australian consumers, and the evolutionary pathways for each consumer segment. Key findings in the report include:</p>
<p>• The consumer motivations toward technology are value, necessity, utility, luxury and convergence.</p>
<p>• The differential segmentation model identifies consumers as emerging, innovative, mainstream, converging, indulgent, and settled. Each segment is defined by a confluence of parameters including demographics, motivations, knowledge, and usage and adoption patterns.</p>
<p>• The CIF can be an effective tool in assessing technology vendor positioning, whereas the consumer segments can be used to understand and predict consumer behaviour.</p>
<p>• Besides nurturing consumer understanding as a means to shape their potential behaviour, technology vendors should balance their core competencies whilst driving innovation, be consumer-segment specific and ensure a tight alignment between their positioning and the target markets.</p>
<p>IDC concludes that consumers are continually evolving and seeking benefits most relevant to their lifestyles. Technology players' ability to identify the nature and expected behaviour of each consumer segment and to understand and respond to their needs, will be instrumental in winning the consumer market battle.</p>
<p>For press enquiries please contact:</p>
<p>Jerson Yau
Associate Analyst, Wireless &amp; Mobility
Phone: 61 2 9925 2205
Warren Chaisatien
Research Manager, Wireless &amp; Mobility
Phone: 61 2 9925 2256</p>
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