SenSage, EMC offer security monitoring bundle

SenSage, EMC offer security monitoring bundle

EMC and data management software vendor SenSage Tuesday announced a bundled storage and security software offering that enables IT managers to monitor IT events from a single database repository.

SenSage, which will be the primary reseller of the technology, is combining its Enterprise Security Analytics software with EMC's Centera content-addressed storage array, which stores data on disk in a WORM (write-once, read many) format. SenSage's software automatically collects event log data from application servers, security appliances, switches, routers and firewall servers and creates a data repository against which IT managers can perform queries. Its application can also analyze trends against the event logs in order to monitor network activity and manage enterprise assets for compliance purposes. The analytics package can support regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA and other industry-specific rules.

"All the data we collect remains online for analysis. Ultimately, you're marrying security analytics with storage and getting a very robust security information life-cycle management solution," said Scott Gordon, vice president of marketing at SenSage.

SenSage Compliance Bundle ships in three scalable configurations that include either a four- or eight-node Centera array and are designed for medium to large enterprises. A beginning configuration that includes a four-node Centera array with 1TB of raw storage, or 11.3TB compressed of capacity, sells for around US$200,000.

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