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ReiverNet checks in with AscenLink® the Intelligent WAN Load Balancer at the Holiday Inn Melbourne

  • 22 November, 2005 11:44

<p>Sydney, 22nd November 2005 – ReiverNet an Australasian company focused on providing a premium, fully managed Guest Broadband service to the hospitality industry has deployed an AscenLink intelligent WAN load balancing appliance at the Holiday Inn Melbourne. By using the AscenLink unit to aggregate two Internet connections, ReiverNet has cost-effectively doubled its data allowance and the bandwidth available for guests whilst eliminating the cost of excess bandwidth charges. The savings alone will mean that the investment in the AscenLink unit is recovered in less than four months.</p>
<p>ReiverNet was looking for a cost effective solution to increase the data allowance and bandwidth at the Holiday Inn Melbourne for their guests without significantly increasing the supply costs. ReiverNet was also seeking a solution which could handle temporary and segregated up-grades of bandwidth with forethought to the approaching Commonwealth Games in 2006.</p>
<p>The Holiday Inn had a single Internet connection for guest use. Whilst the bandwidth was sufficient for the number of simultaneous guest connections the line had a monthly data cap which was consistently exceeded resulting in excess bandwidth charges.</p>
<p>“We wanted a solution that would allow us to cost effectively increase the monthly data allowance without complicating our current cost structures or business plans. Our ISP could provide more bandwidth on a different plan. However, as the size of the pipe increased, the included data often decreased. With the AscenLink product we simply added a second connection to our network and as a result doubled our data allowance and bandwidth. The AscenLink device intelligently load balances the traffic across the two links. We also have the flexibility of adding another link at anytime without any network downtime. The link doesn’t need to be the same size or type or from the same ISP” said David Stallworthy, General Manager for ReiverNet.</p>
<p>Scott Williams, Executive Assistant Manager of the Holiday Inn Melbourne, said “At the Holiday Inn Melbourne, we consistently strive to provide our guests with the highest standard of service and the best facilities. High-speed Internet access is a staple for all businesspeople, and the discerning leisure traveller. Together with ReiverNet, we offer dependable high-speed Internet access which thanks to the installation of the AscenLink unit is now even better.”</p>
<p>About ReiverNet
ReiverNet is a Privately Owned Australasian company focused on providing a premium, fully managed Guest Broadband service to the hospitality industry. As Australasia’s leading provider, their service is deployed in over 14,000 Guest Rooms across 90 leading 4 &amp; 5-star hotels in over 26 cities. ReiverNet is the Preferred Supplier to six Hotel Groups across Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>About AscenVision / AscenLink
AscenVision Technology is a leading provider of highly reliable and efficient network appliances to improve network management, security and performance. AscenLink is an intelligent multi-homing and QoS server appliance that integrates auto-routing, multi-homing, QoS, and a Firewall all into one appliance. The auto-routing and multi-homing features offer a comprehensive and highly effective way of increasing the reliability of Internet connectivity. Whilst the QoS and firewall features provide better bandwidth, access management and improve overall network efficiency.</p>
<p>Dovetail Distribution distributes AscenLink in Australia</p>
<p>To learn more about AscenLink, please visit</p>
<p>For more information, please contact:
ReiverNet Pty Ltd
Kim Tukian
Telephone: +61 2 9924 0288
Brendon Granger
BDAP Pty Ltd (Agent for AscenVision ANZ)
Telephone: +61 2 9476 3505

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