TodayTech launches local notebook brand

TodayTech launches local notebook brand

Hardware distributor, TodayTech, has launched a brand of locally-assembled notebooks targeted at resellers without the resources to build their own. Dubbed Macron, it has announced two models immediately and plans additions to correspond with Intel's new mobile platform, Napa, which is slated for January.

"We have been getting a lot of feedback that resellers don't have the capacity to build their own notebooks," marketing manager, Jennifer Hsieh, said.

"The Macron models have a similar chassis as our barebone models but are sold to our customers as fully built units. Whereas barebone resellers have a freehand in terms of components, the Macron models have a basic specification that can be built on."

The two Macron specification available immediately are PW50 and PW70. The first has a 15-inch screen with 128MB ATI X700 graphics card, an Intel Pentium M 740 processor, a 40GB hard drive, DVD writer and operates Microsoft XP Home. The latter has similar basic specifications but upgrades the graphics card to an ATI X800 and features a 17-inch widescreen.

Hsieh said she expected both models would be attractive to business or home users but predicted the PW70 would also gain traction in the gaming market. While whitebooks had so far found it difficult to gain a significant share of the mobile PC market, Hsieh insisted it was just a matter of time.

"As more whitebooks are released, we are optimistic they will start to attract more mindshare," she said.

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