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IBM renews focus on printing business in Australia/New Zealand: Worl's fastest printing system prints documents spanning New York's Empire State Building in less than four minutes

  • 09 November, 2005 10:18

<p>Sydney, 9 November 2005 – Building on its 30-year heritage in the business of printers, IBM is bolstering its latest range of printing solutions for the ANZ market.</p>
<p>The IBM portfolio boasts a solid, competitive range in three key segments incorporating production printing, industrial printers (including Radio Frequency Identification or RFID models) and distributed workgroup printing solutions.</p>
<p>“IBM has been a strong force in printing for a great number of years, and it remains a key part of our leadership in Information Technology, especially as it completes our end-to-end solutions offering,” comments Julie Yardley, Business Unit Executive, IBM Printing Systems Division, Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>“We are already well known for offering the fastest in laser printing solutions, but we’re primed to make an attack on the manufacturing and distribution segments with our robust industrial RFID printers designed to maximise supply chain efficiency.</p>
<p>"Regardless of what's being printed, users want to streamline processes and improve the delivery of information to their clients, while still ensuring the high print quality and reliability of their data. In an on demand world, that can be the make or break point on whether a company wins or just trails the pack.”</p>
<p>Michael Rebiffe of IQ Information Technology, IBM Business Partner, comments, “We include IBM printers in almost every solution – not only does the IBM brand instil a very high level of confidence amongst clients, but the cost effectiveness of the Infoprint laser printer, and superior features the thermal printers, means that they are the obvious choice. Add to this IBM service – if there is every a problem, IBM service is simply second to none.</p>
<p>“At the end of the day, we offer a solution and service to clients and in a cost-per-page scenario if clients can't print, we don't get paid. Uptime is a priority and IBM ensures that we have it.”</p>
<p>Production Printing
Spearheading IBM’s production printing range, the new IBM Infoprint 4100 is the world’s fastest printing system, and can:</p>
<p>• Print documents spanning the height of New York’s Empire State Building in less than four minutes;
• "Run" one mile of paper in 16 minutes;
• Print Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ in less than a minute</p>
<p>…and there isn't a competitive offering that can match its power and quality.</p>
<p>The development of this new system has involved engineers from IBM Research and the Systems and Technology Group, and the result is a new IBM SuperPrinter, which is 20 times faster than the fastest state-of-the-art HP office printer available today.</p>
<p>Based on IBM POWER architecture – the same microprocessor technology found in the industry-leading IBM eServer pSeries and iSeries server systems – the InfoPrint 4100 features on demand capabilities that reduce total cost, increase speed and reliability, and boost overall performance – while also providing excellent quality for text, graphics and images.</p>
<p>The POWER controller for the new 64-bit multiprocessing printer pushes IBM printing technology to its highest-rated speed ever – an 18% increase from earlier models. In addition, Infoprint 4100 is capable of colour emulation features that help users efficiently migrate to color printing when ready.</p>
<p>Another money saving tool available on the Infoprint 4100 is an enhanced productivity tracker that helps print operators capture operational data on demand, such as printer performance and print job statistics. Customers can now record and review the percentage of printer up-time at a glance, or determine output per job to help address productivity issues.</p>
<p>The new Infoprint 4100 is part of the IBM Output Environment, an end-to-end roadmap that helps clients become on demand by taking advantage of IBM's products, services and output management expertise, from across the organization.</p>
<p>“Speed, power and colour are just one component - clients today want more - a cost-effective integrated solution that can transform business communications such as printing credit card statements, phone bills, investor reports, books, insurance documentation, direct mail offers and so much more,” comments Ms Yardley.</p>
<p>"The Infoprint 4100 delivers flexibility and power not previously available in the industry. Whether we're selling to a transaction client, book printer or direct mailer, IBM has an output solution that can transform their business and make them more competitive in the marketplace," she said.</p>
<p>Industrial Printers
For industrial environments, including manufacturing and distribution sectors, a robust range of printers have been designed with reliable output management and supply chain efficiency in mind.</p>
<p>The Infoprint 6500 helps to better manage distributed printers, from the back office to the loading dock, with the ability to remotely access, configure and control an entire fleet of printers, from a single, easy to use virtual operator panel.</p>
<p>Assisting to lower supplies costs and reduce user intervention, the Infoprint 6500 features a longer life, ultra-capacity ribbon that can print up to 50 million characters before a replacement is necessary. The standard Intelligent Ribbon System in the printer can automatically monitor ribbon usage and suspend printing before the print quality becomes unacceptable. An operator can also be alerted when a ribbon replacement is necessary, helping deliver improved uptime and helping ensure high quality output. Customers can also take advantage of various print speeds that range from 500 to 2000 lines per minute for demanding applications that require fast output.</p>
<p>Released last month, Infoprint 6700 printing solution offers users the opportunity for businesses to improve the authentication, management and automation of information across their supply chain or organisation.</p>
<p>Infoprint 6700 both prints bar codes and encodes RFID tags, offering the flexibility to handle either technology and make the transition to RFID when a user is ready. Integrated with WebSphere RFID middleware, the printer transmits supply chain information to a company's network, updating the status of everything from patient records in a hospital to plasma televisions in a warehouse. A POWER microprocessor delivers the performance needed to transfer information to and from each RFID tag. This technology also identifies unreadable RFID labels and marks them faulty, helping prevent costly errors.</p>
<p>Delivering its high-quality thermal printing in a rugged, die-cast aluminium construction for tough industrial conditions, the 6700 also helps improve efficiency by providing one of the largest ribbon capacities and intelligent media detection capabilities around.</p>
<p>“The 6700, combined with IBM Global Services' consulting expertise and IBM software integration middleware, offers enterprise and SMB clients an end-to-end RFID solution that reduces costs, improves efficiency and opens up new opportunities for managing and tracking data,” comments Ms Yardley.</p>
<p>“It’s a solution that no one else in the industry can deliver today.”</p>
<p>The Infoprint 6700 R40 interoperates with RFID tags and other equipment that complies with the Class 1 Gen 2 specification, designed to be a single worldwide standard, eventually succeeding several specifications that are in the marketplace today.</p>
<p>Distributed Workgroup Printing Solutions (Laser)
Four new workgroup printers have been added to the IBM Infoprint® 1000 line-up, designed to help improve document security, reduce output costs and increase productivity.</p>
<p>The new laser printers offer improved security features that can integrate with existing networks to help increase document confidentiality and device security. Confidential access to sensitive documents can be implemented through new secure print features that can ‘hold’ the document on the device until the end user enters a personal identification number (PIN). Higher levels of security can also be obtained through the Infoprint family’s authentication and encryption features.</p>
<p>The new line is headed by the Infoprint 1552 which can deliver up to 45ppm A4 monochrome mid-volume laser printing and is accompanied by the Infoprint 1572 with up to 50ppm in A4 monochrome.</p>
<p>These printers are joined by the A3 capable printers, the Infoprint 1585 with up to 50ppm in monochrome and the Infoprint Colour 1567 with up to 32ppm in Colour and 36ppm in monochrome.</p>
<p>For further information on IBM printing range, please visit;ctry=au&amp;lang=en&amp;trac=L8</p>
<p>For photography, or to speak with an IBM spokesperson, please contact:</p>
<p>Angela Eggleton
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