Lako signs up to take thin clients home

Lako signs up to take thin clients home

Queensland-based distributor, Lako Pacific, is looking to bring thin client technology into the home, signing a new distribution deal with Korean hardware vendor, NComputing.

The vendor's flagship product is the OfficeStation, a CPU-less thin client terminal which can be connected to an existing PC and used to expand a user's computing network.

Lako Pacific CEO, Evan Kourambas, said the product was suitable for home or small office users.

"The concept behind the technology is that the CPU of a PC has so much under-utilised resources that it can do more," he said. "The OfficeStation acts as a thin client, which means users can run any application from a host PC on another device without requiring a second PC."

According to NComputing, up to 10 OfficeStation terminals could be connected to a central computer via a LAN port. Kourambas said the distributor had successfully tested two OfficeStations simultaneously connected to the one main PC, running three separate applications. Users could simply hook up a keyboard, monitor and mouse to create an additional PC unit.

The product would retail for $299, and could be used with either Windows or Linux operating systems.

Lako Pacific would market the product to its existing retail channel including Myer, Harris Technology and City Software, he said.

"It could also be a good product for schools, as it's cheaper than buying another computer," Kourambas said.

However, both users and resellers would need to be aware of their own software licensing arrangements when using the OfficeStation product, he said.

"We sell the hardware - how people use it is up to them," Kourambas said. "But OfficeStation is like selling a PC without an operating system. We can't take the liability for the software."

NComputing plans to launch additional products shortly.

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