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Somerville Group partners Emerson for Cisco IP Telephony power protection

  • 03 November, 2005 14:47

<p>Sydney, Australia (November 3, 2005) – The Somerville Group, a leading provider of IT infrastructure services, has partnered with Emerson Network Power to provide power protection solutions for its range of Cisco IP telephony products.</p>
<p>Somerville, a longstanding Cisco partner, chose Emerson’s Liebert-branded Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) on the strength of its Cisco Technology Development Partner status and international pedigree in protecting some of the world’s largest business-critical environments.</p>
<p>“Liebert is considered the Rolls Royce of power protection when it comes to protecting major data centres and operating environments, where any downtime is simply not tolerated, so we had no hesitation in selecting Emerson as our power protection provider of choice,” said Craig Somerville, Director, Somerville Group.</p>
<p>“It’s taken a while for companies to realise just how important power protection is for an IP telephony network, but now that they have, companies like Emerson, with a heritage in mission-critical power protection, are coming to the fore as providers of failsafe power protection for IP telephony.”</p>
<p>Emerson was the first company to achieve Cisco AVVID certification with its Liebert UPS products. Emerson adapted the technology it pioneered for data centres, like true-online double conversion, for its mainstream range of UPS products, and these are the products Somerville will be selling as part of its integrated IP telephony solutions.</p>
<p>Founded in 1982, Somerville has grown to a team of more than 60 staff with customers in the government, education, and multi-tier corporate sectors. The Somerville Group operates across five divisions, including electrical and data cabling, network integration, systems integration, product sales and Internet service provision.</p>
<p>“We also outfit a limited number of large private estates, and a particularly prominent private customer was also recently the first recipient of a Cisco IP telephony system protected by Liebert,” said Somerville.</p>
<p>Chris Mandahl, Director of Sales for Emerson Network Power Australia, believes that as companies replace ageing PABXs – which typically have a lifespan of about five years – they’re buying into new PBX technology with IP telephony support built-in.</p>
<p>“IP telephony is on a direct upgrade path for most companies,” said Mandahl.</p>
<p>“As telephony becomes part of the data network, power protection becomes critical, because loss of power to the network means loss of power to the phone. At the same time, where power protection was previously the domain of the infrastructure manager, it now becomes the responsibility of the IT manager.</p>
<p>“It’s a two-fold challenge for vendors and suppliers: finding the most suitable power protection solutions for IP telephony, and educating customers about the importance of power protection in the first place. IP telephony is simply not a viable business technology without reliable power protection.”</p>
<p>Somerville concurs, adding that the first groundswell of demand is already here. “IP telephony accounts for 10 to 15 per cent of our business, from a base of zero two years ago. While the technology is still relatively new, I expect most Australian companies will adopt IP telephony in some form in the next five years.”</p>
<p>Somerville has begun installing its own in-house IP telephony network, protected by Liebert’s GXT-series of UPS products.</p>
<p>About Emerson
St. Louis-based Emerson is a global leader in bringing technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions to customers in process control; electronics and telecommunications; industrial automation; heating, ventilating and air conditioning; and appliance and tools. Sales in fiscal 2004 were US$16 billion.</p>
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