Apple reseller strengthens service and support

Apple reseller strengthens service and support

AppleCentre Taylor Square is to launch a new on-demand service and support delivery platform. The initiative, currently under trial with a select group of customers, would see staff able to offer real-time video support, including control-on-request, to its customers.

The platform, which is due to go live in October, is partly a reaction to customer dissatisfaction over Apple's own phone support service, according to director, Ben Morgan. "Why should customers sit on the phone trying to figure a problem out when you can show them how with video or by remotely controlling their Mac for them?" he said.

With competition from mass merchants and Apple itself growing increasingly fierce, the services platform would also provide another way of building customer loyalty, Morgan said.

"There is a conflict of interest for AppleCentres in selling Apple's support program," he said. "If they are dealing with Apple for service, customers are more likely to buy products and upgrades from the same place."

With this in mind, the Sydney-based Taylor Square store was also investigating the possibility of offering its own warranty service for Apple products, Morgan said.

"Customers tend to be happy with Apple's three-year hardware warranty," he said.

"But our research shows we could probably deliver the same or better service for about half the price."

Once the bugs were ironed out of the services platform, the Taylor Square store would look to take its Academy training services online, Morgan said. "We will attempt to deliver what is probably the biggest services portfolio an AppleCentre has ever offered," he claimed.

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