Acer readies 37-inch flat TV, new notebook PCs

Acer readies 37-inch flat TV, new notebook PCs

Acer is readying a few new notebook PCs and a 37-inch flat screen TV with a built in media gateway.

Taiwanese computer company Acer is readying a few new notebook PCs and a 37-inch flat-screen television with a built-in media gateway which it showed off at an investors conference Friday.

The media gateway allows video, music, pictures and other data on a PC to be played directly on the LCD (liquid crystal display) TV, and a remote control that comes with it works on the TV and PC, an Acer representative said.

He was unable to provide all of the specifications of the new TV because it's not slated to be launched until early next year, but he said it is high definition (HD) ready and supports Dolby digital, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), and a number of video and audio formats including Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV).

Pricing on the 37-inch TV has not yet been finalized, but it will cost over US$2,000, the Acer representative said.

In the near term, Acer plans to launch a number of upgrades to some existing notebook PC models and a brand new Acer Aspire 9500, which was displayed Friday.

The Aspire 9500 has a 17-inch screen and built-in TV tuner. It has a 2.27GHz Intel Pentium M microprocessor, with 1G byte of RAM. The Acer representative said it would cost around US$2,000 and would be available in some markets next month.

Acer also showed off a few upgrades to models launched earlier this year, such as a TravelMate 8100 with a metal cover, 360-degree infrared capabilities, 2G bytes of RAM and a more powerful microprocessor, an Intel Pentium M running at 1.73GHz.

The upgraded TravelMate will be available very soon in Taiwan at a cost of around US$2,000.

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