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Web portal creator backs Aussie anti-spam solution

  • 27 October, 2005 10:03

<p>SYDNEY, October 26. Scott Smith, who created the Northern Illawarra Online web portal (, is advising people who use the site for checking local news, attractions, events and businesses, what to do if they start receiving annoying levels of junk email, known as spam.</p>
<p>He became aware of a potential spam problem when Helensburgh businessman Quentin Field, of Interphase Security &amp; Electrical (, spoke of receiving such high volumes of junk emails that it took him between up to two hours a day to cull it.</p>
<p>Fortunately, Quentin had already found an effective anti-spam solution, the TotalBlock product from Australian infotech firm New Millennium Solutions.</p>
<p>“TotalBlock gives me two hours more time each day to dedicate to office work and my family – time I used to spend getting rid of spam - and I don’t miss important emails through mass deletion of useful mail alongside the junk.”</p>
<p>Scott Smith was concerned that he might be unwittingly exposing businesses like Interphase, that were advertising on the NIO portal, to additional spam. The people who send out masses of spam emails often collect their target addresses by using programs called web crawlers to trawl for them on web sites.</p>
<p>“I became critically aware that by providing the portal I might be making the people represented on the site visible to potential spammers, as well as to regular web users looking for local businesses,” said Scott. “So I moved quickly to rectify this possibility.”</p>
<p>He set up an interface on the NIO web site giving details of the TotalBlock anti-spam solution, with an online form which they can fill in to contact TotalBlock.</p>
<p>"It's early days yet, although we fully expect that other users will be as pleased as Interphase Security and Electrical, or they already have an anti-spam solution,” said Scott.</p>
<p>TotalBlock technology blocks ALL spam, using a combination of allowable list, un-allowable list and challenge-response methodology. TotalBlock quickly and easily builds up a list of acceptable incoming email senders by replying automatically to all those who are not on the user’s allowed list. The reply message contains an action that, when followed by the sender, automatically adds the sender to the allowed list. Since the authorisation process requires human intervention, it bypasses drone machines that spew out so much spam. All address book entries are authorised automatically, as are senders who reply to mail sent by the user.</p>
<p>For more information:
Peter Stewart or Ben Corby
New Millennium Solutions
Tel. 61-2-9437 9800</p>

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