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MRO Software Extends MAXIMO Enterprise Suite With New Comprehensive Service Management Portfolio

  • 22 July, 2004 10:29

<p>For Immediate Release</p>
<p>MRO Software Extends MAXIMO Enterprise Suite With New Comprehensive Service Management Portfolio</p>
<p>Next Generation Suite Delivers Service Management Offering with Enhanced EAM Functionality, ITIL-Based Solution for ITAM and IT Service Desk</p>
<p>MRO World, Washington, DC, July 22, 2004 - MRO Software, Inc. (Nasdaq:MROI), the leading provider of strategic asset management solutions, today announced its plans to deliver a next-generation MAXIMO Enterprise Suite to meet the growing market for asset management services.</p>
<p>Leading companies are transforming their internal asset management strategies to aggressively align with corporate business objectives. This new model shifts from a traditional view of asset management as a cost center to a service delivery model that adopts a customer-oriented approach. This new environment encourages partnerships between an asset management organization and its internal customers. These partnerships will lead to clear standards of expected asset performance and the business practices to achieve them. As a result, internal asset management organizations are incented to pro-actively and continuously improve their delivery of asset management services in alignment with corporate objectives.</p>
<p>Additional trends in the evolution of asset management include greater focus on core competencies and a move to outsource non-core business processes to third-party service providers, thereby driving down their costs and improving bottom-line performance. Asset owners responsible for management of the four key asset groups involved in almost all organizations - production, facilities, transportation and IT assets - are increasingly considering asset management outsourcing as a sound alternative to existing, in-house capabilities. As a result, internal asset management organizations are under intense competitive pressure to move to an asset management services model to provide superior services at lower costs.</p>
<p>“We believe that more organizations are embracing an approach that inextricably ties asset management to high levels of service management (of the asset), " said BarryWilderman, Senior Vice President, technology research services for META Group. “As this trend continues, companies will look to solutions that can integrate business metrics with asset management capabilities to help align asset management goals with corporate objectives. Organizations that are able to realign their focus from managing assets to managing end-to-end business services will achieve high levels of cost-effective asset utilization.”</p>
<p>“We provide our customers results-driven asset management services that sustain a high return on their asset investment. To accomplish that successfully means enabling business processes built around real-time asset information, service level performance standards and effective response plans,” said Bradley Kramer, Vice President, ABB Performance Services. “For ABB Performance Services this translates into a need for a solution that intimately connects information about the assets, the customer, and the related services, and combines all of it into a single system. MRO Software understands the importance of solving that problem and is heading in the right direction for companies like ABB in the business of global asset management services delivery.”</p>
<p>Asset Management Services
As more asset management and maintenance organizations adopt the asset management services model, there is an increased need to track and deliver activities and processes against service level agreements (SLAs), or other metrics that directly connect to overall company performance. Critical capabilities for a strategic asset management solution include work management, asset management, inventory management, procurement, contract management and service management. Managing the assets involved in the delivery of a given service is critical to any strategic asset management solution. MAXIMO Enterprise Suite is built on the company’s core expertise in asset management and leverages this experience to deliver an increased breadth of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) functionality including service and contract management, service desk, service catalogues, SLAs and response plans.</p>
<p>Service Management for IT Assets
For organizations managing IT assets within a service management model, it is critical to develop and maintain a similar service strategy both for the users of IT services and for the company as a whole. IT assets should be managed to maximize the value they deliver to the business by ensuring software license compliance, lowering costs on leases, acquisitions and inventory, and delivering high-quality IT services to the business.</p>
<p>This next generation MAXIMO solution will include enhanced IT Asset Management (ITAM) capabilities combined with IT Service Desk functionality that is based on the guidelines of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).
The solution will deliver comprehensive lifecycle asset management, as well as offering service desk capabilities such as incident, problem, change and release management, call tracking and self-help. In addition, the solution will enable IT organizations to establish SLAs with the business and link the IT asset and service management processes. With the functionality included in the MAXIMO Enterprise Suite, IT organizations can deliver high-quality, cost-justified ITAM services to the business.</p>
<p>Outsourced Services Market
It is expected that the growing focus on the strategic asset management model will also increase the market for third-party service providers that deliver asset management services and activities. The MAXIMO Enterprise Suite will also allow these organizations to leverage the extensive service management functionality to actively manage all activities undertaken in support of a customer service level guarantee. In addition, asset owners using the new solution will have access to all the details of the outsourced activities for future use including negotiating contract and service levels.</p>
<p>“We’ve listened to our customers’ business requirements and worked closely with more than a dozen development partners as we created and built our plans for the next-generation MAXIMO Enterprise suite,” said Chip Drapeau, President, and CEO, MRO Software. “This new solution suite is based on our rock-solid heritage and expertise in the EAM market and includes extensive new functionality in that space. Our ability to support the evolving asset management services model, in combination with the ITIL based ITAM solutions, expands the markets we can serve and offers a path for customers to consolidate existing expensive legacy systems onto our new solution.”</p>
<p>MRO Software expects to release MAXIMO Enterprise Suite in early calendar year 2005.</p>
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<p>About MRO Software, Inc.
MRO Software is the leading provider of strategic asset management solutions. The Company’s integrated suite of applications optimizes performance, improves productivity and service levels and enables asset-related sourcing and procurement across the entire spectrum of strategic assets.</p>
<p>The Company’s asset management solutions allow customers to manage the complete lifecycle of strategic assets including: planning, procurement, deployment, tracking, maintenance and retirement. Using MRO Software’s solutions customers improve production reliability, labor efficiency, material optimization, software license compliance, lease management, warranty and service management and provisioning across the asset base.</p>
<p>MRO Software (Nasdaq: MROI) is a global company based in Bedford, Mass., with approximately 900 employees, 10,000 customers and more than 260,000 end-users. The Company markets its products through a direct sales organization in combination with a network of international distributors.
MRO Software has sales offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific and Latin America. Additional information on MRO Software can be found at</p>
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ITIL® is a registered trademark of the Office of Government Commerce (OGC).</p>
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