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Bayside City Council Self-Manages Service Delivery With Nortel Solutions

  • 26 October, 2005 12:23

<p>Unique System Allows Council Staff To Track And Manage Service Delivery To Residents</p>
<p>MELBOURNE, Victoria – Bayside City Council in Victoria is developing a unique contact centre environment with Nortel* [NYSE/TSX: NT] solutions that allows Council staff to self-manage service delivery to more than 84,000 residents.</p>
<p>The solution, designed by Nortel nPower system integrator 3D Networks, uses Nortel’s Symposium* contact centre technology with integrated third-party tools that work together to streamline interaction between residents and customer service operators across the Council’s various departments.</p>
<p>“Considering we have more than 50 staff each taking on average between 150 and 200 calls a day, without any way to monitor incoming calls we were simply losing out, and so were our customers, the residents of Bayside,” said Mike Whittaker, Project Manager, Communications Strategy, Bayside City Council.</p>
<p>“That prompted our search for a distributed contact centre solution with a more efficient way of managing our calls at departmental level. “We’re creating what we believe to be a unique solution for local government authorities in Australia to distribute the management of service calls and empower staff to self-manage their service delivery to customers.”</p>
<p>The system, which uses a third-party tool called Barracouta, integrates with Symposium to give operators a view of how many calls are queued for their department, and how quickly their department is responding to incoming calls. In this way they can self-manage their own performance, with each department responsible for maintaining its service delivery levels.</p>
<p>The City of Bayside in Melbourne's southern bayside suburbs supports a population of more than 84,000 people and 33,000 households, with more than 35,000 dwelling spread across 37 square kilometers. Founded in 1994, the City includes the suburbs of Beaumaris, Black Rock, Brighton, Brighton East, Cheltenham, Hampton, Hampton East, Highett and Sandringham.</p>
<p>“Barracouta places a bar across the top of a call agent’s screen that scrolls information such as the number of calls coming through to that group, and the number of group members logged in to the system,” said Whittaker.</p>
<p>“Using predefined rules, it can then alert group members when call rates are high, or when not enough agents are logged in to take incoming calls. A ‘pop-up’ appears on agents’ screens when action is needed, encouraging them to attend to a problem without having to rely on outside instruction.</p>
<p>“To my knowledge this is the first time this type of system has been tried at local government level and it owes much to the ease of use, integration and deployment of Nortel’s contact centre solution and its third-party integration.”</p>
<p>Whittaker believes that by creating a self-managed system, the Council will give supervisors more time to attend to other important business, which in turn frees up more time for senior management and councilors from supervisory tasks.</p>
<p>“The solution has solved the problem we had previously where agents with similar skill sets had to be in one location to answer calls because there was no way of getting specific calls to them in time from a central location,” said Whittaker. “Barracouta was then introduced to add visual cues for agents, allowing them to effectively manage themselves.</p>
<p>“In an organisation like ours, where staff is dispersed in different departments, a traditional contact centre wallboard doesn’t work because it can’t be seen by everyone all the time. Barracouta gives us that wallboard functionality but brings it down to individual user level, so everyone is always aware of exactly what’s happening in their group.”</p>
<p>Bayside has set a target for answering 80 per cent of calls in 20 seconds or less.</p>
<p>Mark Stevens, President, Nortel Australia and New Zealand, said that while Bayside is not the only Council using Symposium, he’s not aware of any other Council in Australia that’s using a hybrid system to leverage the power of Symposium and deliver true distributed contact centre management at an organisational level.</p>
<p>“What we’ve been able to demonstrate at Bayside is how our core technology platforms like Symposium can be used to deliver practical solutions for real world challenges,” said Stevens. “In this case we’ve been able to enhance the human experience for customers dealing with Council staff, and improved the Council’s ability to better service their customers. This in turn motivates improved service delivery in a continuous cycle.”</p>
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