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Locatrix launches the "New" Presence: Location Services using IM

  • 25 October, 2005 10:01

<p><b></b></p><p>Showcases integrated location services via innovative plug-ins for
IM clients; previews mobile presence platform.</p>
<p></p><p>Brisbane, Australia - 25<sup>th</sup> October 2005 - Locatrix
Communications, an innovator of application technologies that extend the
market for location-based services, today announced plug-ins for several
Instant Messaging clients that augment a user's presence information with
their current location. The plug-ins, based on Locatrix Communications'
ShareWhere™ technology, seamlessly integrate a user's PC location
(such as home, office or WiFi hotspot) with the location of their mobile
phone. This augmented presence information - called a "Locatrix" - can be
shared with anyone in the user's contact lists, and allows networks of
friends and colleagues to be fully aware of each other's status, location
and availability.</p>
<p><img align="right" alt="Location-enhanced Yahoo! Messenger
client" class="imageborder" size="80%" src=""/></p>
<p></p><p>"Location-enhanced services are all about helping people connect", said
Mark White, Locatrix Communications Founder and CEO. "Limiting consumer location
services to just the mobile network or one type of device is
counter-intuitive - most people communicate using a PC as well as their
mobile phone, so integrating presence and location from both is a logical
step forward." White added that the company is currently investigating
alliances with IM providers and mobile operators to deliver
commercial services using the augmented IM clients.</p>
<p></p><p>The augmented presence clients are powered by the <a href="">Locatrix Presence
Accelerator</a>, a forthcoming server solution which allows mobile
operators to dramatically and cost-effectively increase the type and
number of location requests that a GSM or UMTS network can service.
Designed to work in conjunction with an mobile operator's Gateway Mobile
Location Centre (GMLC), the Locatrix Presence Accelerator maintains a
real-time view of each subscriber's mobile handset status and location,
and provides an event-based information feed to consumer applications via
an XML interface.</p>
<p></p><p>"We predict an explosion in the number and variety of location-enhanced
services," says Mark White, "because location is the last untapped facet
of mobility. Once we make cost-effective network location services
available and ubiquitous, their integration into applications such as IM,
Mobile Social Software (MoSoSo) and other viral services will make
subscribers more productive, secure and communicative."</p>
<p></p><p>The Locatrix IM plugins support Microsoft's MSN Messenger, and Yahoo!
Messenger, and are also compatible with Skype and ICQ. A limited number of
beta downloads are being made available, <a href=""> contact Locatrix
Communications</a> for details.</p>
<p></p><p><img align="left" alt="Locatrix IM plugin screenshots" src=""/>Editors:
<a href="">
Click here a variety for hi-res
application screenshots</a><small> (ZIP file)</small></p>
<p># # #</p>
<p><b>About Locatrix Communications</b><br/>
Locatrix Communications is the innovator of application technologies that
dramatically expand the market opportunity for location- and presence-enhanced
application services. In addition to providing mobile operators with
solutions to enhance ARPU and customer entanglement, Locatrix enhances
enterprise applications with seamless presence and location gateway services
that improve employee productivity and security. Founded in 2003, Locatrix
is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.</p>
<p><b>For more information: </b><br/>
Mark White <br/>
<a href="">Locatrix Communications</a> <br/>
Tel: +61 4 3890 0880 <br/>
Email:<a href=""></a></p>

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