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HDTVs, MP3 players and Sony PSP Will be Best Sellers this Christmas, Predicts IDC

  • 24 October, 2005 10:35

<p>NORTH SYDNEY, 24th October 2005 - IDC has just released their latest Digital Home research report titled "Australia Digital Home Consumer Trends and Attitudes: What's in Store for Christmas?" This report reveals that high-definition televisions (HDTVs), portable MP3 players and the Sony PSP will be the most hyped video, audio and gaming technologies this holiday season, with the highest number of survey respondents indicating purchase intentions for these devices.</p>
<p>Knowledgeable friends or coworkers form the most important information source for consumers across all age groups to research new technologies. The next most important sources cited are reviews in newspapers and magazines and then retail salespeople. Younger consumers are more likely than older ones to make references to reviews on Web sites in their search for advice.</p>
<p>Sony is often cited as the most preferred brand for most digital devices, except for digital set-top boxes and portable MP3 players, where Panasonic and Apple are the most preferred choices, respectively.</p>
<p>An overwhelming 75% of the survey respondents indicated Sony when asked which brands of HDTVs they are seriously considering purchasing. However, final purchasing decisions made by consumers could be very different from the buying intentions indicated, as actual market share for plasma and LCD TVs looks very different. In 2004, LG was the clear market leader in the plasma and LCD TV market.</p>
<p>Looking at the future trends in the consumer market, with consumer electronics brands so entrenched in the minds of the Australian consumers, IT vendors and service providers will face a greater challenge in their penetration of the digital home market.</p>
<p>IDC recommends to them the strategy of pursuing a device/service integration model that ties content with digital devices. Service providers have an edge in this regard, as they have a monthly billing relationship with consumers and they can decrease or eliminate the acquisition costs by bundling their services and devices together.</p>
<p>The primary purpose of this study is to examine respondents' ownership of, awareness of, and likelihood to purchase new consumer technologies. IDC's survey also studies purchasing criteria, planned purchase price, brand preference, and the importance of different information sources in researching new consumer technologies.</p>
<p>IDC conducted random-digit-dialling telephone interviews with 825 Australian households in September 2005, and responses were sourced from those responsible for establishing and/or using consumer electronics and/or PCs in a traditional home.</p>
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