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Stack a Stakka Under the Christmas Tree

  • 18 October, 2005 18:13

<p>The perfect Christmas gift for anyone with loads of CDs and DVDs is the Imation Disc Stakka CD &amp; DVD Manager.</p>
<p>This snazzy device stores, manages and protects CDs and DVDs including discs with data, photos, music, films, games and software: in fact any 12cm optical disc.</p>
<p>Although it is a new product, it is already proving a hit with some high profile people including Ron Taylor, filmmaker &amp; photographer, who said, "It's so convenient to have images all together. Valerie and I have many thousands of images, and the Disc Stakka is fantastic!"</p>
<p>Paul Giorgilli, creative director of Gill&amp;Cetti creative agency said the Disc Stakka is like having online access to the company's entire library of projects and images, easily controlled by a few keystrokes.</p>
<p>And Rod Armstrong from Inkspecta Archival Fine Art Digital Reproduction likes the fact that he simply types a keyword and "the Disc Stakka hands me the disc I need. I don't even need to get up from my desk."</p>
<p>The Disc Stakka is a hardware and software solution that does a number of really cool things:</p>
<p>* It keeps track of every disc, plus all of the files and folders or audio tracks they contain. To locate a particular file or audio track, it's a simple matter of typing a keyword and the Disc Stakka hands the disc requested within seconds!</p>
<p>* The software runs in the background on a PC or Mac computer, and automatically captures details for any disc inserted into the computer's CD or DVD drive. There's no need to manually build and maintain a disc library.</p>
<p>* It provides "virtual online" access to all the discs and their content. It's easy to browse and search discs as if they were online, double-clicking discs, folders and files to drill down through the database. When a file or audio track is double-clicked, Disc Stakka ejects the disc on which it is stored, ready to be inserted into the computer or CD player.</p>
<p>* Each USB-powered unit holds 100 discs and has built-in connectors that allow units to be stacked up to five high without requiring extra cables or desk space. If more than 500 discs need to be stored, powered USB hubs can be used to further extend the set up to over 500 units-that's more than 50,000 discs controlled by a single computer!</p>
<p>The Imation Disc Stakka has an RRP of $199 and is available from major retailers and Imation resellers.</p>
<p>More information and a demonstration are provided at</p>
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This Christmas give the snazzy Imation Disc Stakka CD &amp; DVD Manager, which protects and manages any 12cm discs.</p>
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