Projecting big-screen fun

Projecting big-screen fun


Very few people can afford a dedicated home theatre, let alone find the space for one. Optoma's MovieTime DV10, a device of the 'instant home theatre' product category, can satisfy a lust for big-screen movie experience without a lot of cost, cabling or hassles.

The MovieTime is one of only a few digital projector models to have an integrated DVD player and built-in speakers.

To watch a movie across an entire wall in your home, accompanied by surprisingly good sound, all you have to do is plug in a power cord and pop in a DVD. When the movie is over, just unplug the unit and stash away the reasonably compact box (37cm x 11.7cm x 27cm).

The projector has a native resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, fairly standard for its class. Placed a little over two metres from the wall, my shipping unit produced a very respectable 74-inch diagonal screen in 16:9 format.

The MovieTime's shortcoming is its menu system. Once you get to the proper menu, using it isn't too difficult; but reaching the correct settings took many more steps than it should have.

Nevertheless, this projector is a fine, flexible choice for people who can't mount a projector permanently in their room, and who want a large-screen viewing experience without incurring a huge cost.

Local Information

Optoma MovieTime DV10

With its integrated DVD player and speakers, this projector is an excellent choice for people who want a big-screen experience at a reasonable price. The product is distributed by Amber Technology.

RRP: $2999

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