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RSA Security Expands Strategic Provisioning Alliances with Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Courion and M-Tech

  • 19 October, 2005 12:48

<p>RSA Security Inc. (Nasdaq: RSAS) today announced strategic alliances with Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Courion and M-Tech, enabling the companies to deliver holistic and integrated identity and access management (IAM) platforms to customers worldwide.</p>
<p>By pairing partners’ leading provisioning technologies with RSA Security’s IAM solutions, customers will be able to leverage the respective technological strengths each party brings to an IAM initiative. In addition, RSA Security and its strategic provisioning partners will provide robust product integration and jointly deliver each organisation’s technology expertise to customers. These alliances extend previous product-level integration delivered through the RSA Secured® Partner Program.</p>
<p>“Microsoft and RSA Security have a long-standing partnership and together have delivered comprehensive IAM solutions to customers worldwide,” said Michael Stephenson, Director, Windows Server Marketing at Microsoft. “This strategic alliance will create deeper product integration and enable joint customers to further leverage the benefits of Microsoft Identity Integration Server combined with RSA Security IAM solutions.”</p>
<p>“Joint customers have already benefited from the product interoperability established between Sun Java System Identity Manager and RSA Security identity and access management solutions,” said Sara Gates, Vice President and General Manager of Sun Microsystems Identity Management Division. “By expanding the companies’ relationship to forge a strategic partnership, we will help ensure our customers have the ability to leverage the most robust solutions for provisioning, authentication and web access management technologies as they roll out comprehensive IAM architectures.”</p>
<p>“Our strategic partnership with RSA Security will benefit our customers by offering them access to best of breed complementary solutions,” said Kurt Johnson, Vice President of Corporate Development for Courion. “The integration of Courion’s enterprise provisioning solution with RSA Security’s technology will enable us to enhance our customers’ ability to streamline access management across heterogeneous e-business environments while addressing the constantly changing needs of their business.”</p>
<p>“M-Tech has enjoyed a close relationship with RSA Security for years, delivering integrated solutions to dozens of joint customers,” said Idan Shoham, Chief Technology Officer at M-Tech. “The integrated RSA Security/M-Tech solution helps many organisations to more securely and efficiently provision, manage and deactivate RSA SecurID tokens, RSA ClearTrust web access management accounts and RSA Certificate Manager digital certificates. We look forward to continued growth in the M-Tech/RSA Security partnership, to support even more customers in the future.”</p>
<p>RSA Security’s identity and access management solutions – including RSA SecurID® two-factor authentication, RSA ClearTrust® web access management software, RSA® Sign-On Manager enterprise single sign-on solution and RSA® Federated Identity Manager software – enable customers to establish, protect and leverage trusted identities online. RSA Security, together with Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Courion and M-Tech, will empower customers to further leverage trusted identities across the enterprise, as part of an end-to-end IAM solution.</p>
<p>RSA Security’s strategic provisioning partner program expands on an existing strategic alliance with Thor Technologies and bolsters previously established product interoperability with these and other companies through the RSA Secured Partner Program. Solutions addressed in these new strategic alliances include:</p>
<p>• Microsoft – Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) 2003 is a centralised service that stores and integrates identity information for organisations with multiple directories. The goal of MIIS 2003 is to provide organisations with a unified view of all known identity information about users, applications, and network resources.</p>
<p>• Sun Microsystems – Sun Java System Identity Manager, the industry’s only complete user provisioning and meta-directory solution that enhances enterprise security – while simultaneously delivering a significant ROI. Identity Manager is a key component of the Sun identity management product portfolio.</p>
<p>• Courion – Courion AccountCourier® software is a fully automated user provisioning solution that quickly and easily accommodates changes to the business, IT and operations by enabling authorised individuals to instantly grant, revoke or modify access to any operating system, application, Web portal or other IT or physical assets without manual intervention.</p>
<p>• M-Tech – M-Tech ID-Synch® solution automates all facets of user provisioning. It builds on the proven technology of P-Synch® solution to streamline user administration and enforce security policies.</p>
<p>“There are a variety of provisioning solutions on the market today, which provide customers with a broad range of choice and flexibility,” said Sally Hudson, Research Manager, Security Products and Services at IDC. “By establishing strategic partnerships with a range of technology providers, RSA Security is working to ensure that customers have a high degree of flexibility and choice to leverage the provisioning solution that best addresses the organisation’s specific identity and access management challenges.”</p>
<p>“Establishing strategic provisioning partnerships with Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Courion and M-Tech will provide our customers access to an integrated set of robust provisioning solutions as they move toward deploying complete IAM architectures,” said Bill McQuaide, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Products Division at RSA Security. “RSA Security’s proven strategy of partnering with best-of-breed solutions providers to deliver provisioning will best serve our customers by enabling them to select the provisioning solution that best fits an organisation’s overall business needs.”</p>
<p>For more information, including technical integration details, visit the RSA Secured Partner Solutions Directory at</p>
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