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New Storage Industry Group Forms to Promote VXA Packet Format

  • 17 October, 2005 13:15

<p>Charter members Exabyte, Imation, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Ltd. (Panasonic), Sony, and TDK band together to provide education and promote further market adoption of VXA</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia - October 17, 2005 Continuing the momentum of its VXA Packet Tape format a week following the launch of VXA’s third generation products, Exabyte Corporation (OTCBB: EXBT) today announced to the ANZ press that it has teamed up with Imation, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Ltd. (Panasonic), Sony, and TDK to form The VXA Alliance. The VXA Alliance is a tape storage industry group focused on providing information and education to the marketplace on the benefits of the VXA Packet Tape format and advocating for the continued global adoption of VXA, Exabyte’s patented tape format that utilises discreet digital data packets rather than traditional tracks resulting in dramatically enhanced data reliability. Each of the five charter member companies has committed personnel and financial support to the mission of the new organisation.</p>
<p>“VXA is much bigger than Exabyte or any one company. The VXA Alliance is a way for our companies to formalise our cooperative efforts around VXA Packet Technology,” explained Richard Giddey, country manager ANZ of Exabyte. “Together, we will coordinate activities and develop promotional and educational programs to help more and more companies learn about the unique benefits of the VXA Packet Tape format and disaster-tested VXA products. Today’s announcement is a natural next step in the growth of the VXA format as an industry standard.”</p>
<p>In its initial meetings, the VXA Alliance set its organisational goals:</p>
<p> To demonstrate the widespread adoption of VXA Packet Technology by the industry’s core manufacturers and suppliers,</p>
<p> To serve as a public educational resource on the benefits of VXA Packet Technology’s unique capabilities,</p>
<p> To promote and support the continued adoption of VXA Packet Technology by new hardware, software, and solution providers,</p>
<p> To facilitate the effective sharing of VXA Packet Tape marketing strategies and success stories, and</p>
<p> To function as a repository of VXA Packet Tape solutions and applications.</p>
<p>“Alliances are key to the adoption of any component technology,” said Robert Amatruda, Research Manager at IDC. “The VXA Alliance is designed as a cooperative effort to further increase market momentum for VXA tape technology, now in its third-generation.”</p>
<p>“The formation of the VXA Alliance exemplifies the broad industry support that exists for VXA Packet Technology,” added Jim Ellis, General Manager of Global Product Strategy at Imation. “Our support of the VXA Alliance fits well with our strategic objectives.”</p>
<p>VXA Packet Drives have been selected by many of the world’s leading OEMs, including IBM, Apple, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, and Fujitsu Ltd., providing a definitive endorsement of the VXA platform as the new standard for tape storage in its class.</p>
<p>“As secure data storage is a key factor for smooth and successful business operations for small and midsized enterprises, Fujitsu Siemens Computers offers storage products geared specifically to the requirements of this market. A prominent example is our FibreCAT TX10 PacketLoader, which is based on VXA Packet Technology,” commented Dr. Helmut Beck, Vice President, Storage for Fujitsu Siemens Computers, an Exabyte OEM partner and member of the VXA Alliance. “Hence we are pleased to join other prominent industry players to drive further market acceptance of the VXA Packet Tape format.”</p>
<p>VXA’s third generation products, announced on October 5, 2005, include the VXA-320 Packet Drive, which records up to 320 GB to a single cartridge at a data transfer rate of up to 24 MB/sec. (compressed), and the VXA-320 PacketLoader 1x10, a full-featured, sleek 1u autoloader with 10 cartridge slots offering up to 3.2 TB of capacity, plus a bar code reader and Ethernet port for remote management – both standard. VXA-320 delivers four times the data rate and more than four times the storage capacity of the current DDS platform (DAT 72), and is still affordably priced for the SMB market.</p>
<p>VXA-320 delivers full read and write compatibility with VXA’s second generation, protecting the investment of users who have already stepped up to the VXA platform. In fact, with VXA-320, customers can use their same VXA-2 tapes and immediately realise twice the capacity and speed. Only VXA offers three different cartridge sizes (320/160/80 GB), providing users the flexibility to choose the capacity that best meets their current storage and budget needs and giving VXA-320 users a clear price-per-gigabyte advantage over the DDS/DAT format.</p>
<p>Disaster-tested VXA products are available through the world’s leading OEMs and through Exabyte’s worldwide distribution and reseller networks. For more information about VXA Packet Technology and to learn more about the VXA Alliance, visit</p>
<p>About VXA Packet Technology</p>
<p>Exabyte’s patented and award-winning VXA Packet Technology, with its innovative read/write “packet” architecture, is the most significant advancement in tape storage technology in more than a decade. VXA Packet Tape products offer a unique combination of greater capacity, faster data transfer rates and dramatically superior data reliability than other tape formats in the same class, all at comparable prices. Over three successive generations, VXA products have been disaster-tested by Exabyte and independent labs under the most severe conditions – including violent vibration, immersion in volcanic dust, boiling water and hot coffee, and even freezing cartridges in ice – to assure reliable and complete data restores.</p>
<p>VXA Packet Technology provides a digital solution to the long-standing mechanical problem of head-to-tape alignment – a common issue with conventional tape storage products that causes data restore operations to fail. With VXA Packet Technology, VXA Packet Drives write and read data in individually addressed “packets,” accomplished by sweeping the entire face of the tape rather than the conventional method of sequentially tracing every tiny track embedded on the tape. During the read duty cycle, discreet data packets are dynamically gathered and reassembled in the VXA buffer, similar to the manner in which data is reassembled via the Internet, resulting in dramatically increased data reliability. VXA Packet Technology eliminates the need for highly machined components to maintain tight tolerances within the drive, resulting in much greater capacity, speed and reliability at a lower cost.</p>
<p>VXA products are the only tape storage devices with a 4-level Reed-Solomon Error Correction Code (ECC), making data 180 times more likely to restore than competitive tape formats – even from a damaged tape. VXA Packet Drives are ideal for the rigors of automation, bringing to market a new class of highly reliable, full-featured and affordable tape automation products for the SMB and departmental markets. (See IDC report at VXA Packet products have been selected by leading OEMs, including IBM, Apple, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, and Fujitsu Ltd., establishing VXA as the new standard for tape storage in its class.</p>
<p>About Exabyte Corporation</p>
<p>Exabyte Corporation (OTCBB: EXBT) is the leading innovator and provider of tape storage. For over 20 years, the company has been recognised for its innovative engineering approach and for consistently raising industry standards in technology, quality and data reliability for tape drives and tape automation. The Company’s products back up and restore critical business information in a manner consistently ahead of its competitors in terms of capacity, transfer speeds, and reliability at competitive prices. Exabyte has a worldwide network of OEMs, distributors and resellers that share the company's commitment to innovation and customer service, including IBM, Apple, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Fujitsu Ltd., Imation, Tech Data, and Ingram Micro. For more information, visit</p>
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