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Unomedical Chooses Intentia Australia to Support CRM Initiative

  • 06 October, 2005 15:30

<p>Australia— 6 October, 2005: Intentia Australia has closed a CRM software deal with Unomedical, a global provider of medical solutions for the hospital and healthcare sector, to implement Intentia’s sales and marketing solution across Unomedical’s Australian operations.</p>
<p>Specializing in the manufacture and distribution of single-use medical and surgical products, Unomedical has embarked on the CRM project in a bid to modernize and improve its sales and customer relationship management processes.</p>
<p>Unomedical has thus far relied on a number of databases and on the personal knowledge and systems of staff to manage sales and customer activities. Over time, this has proved inefficient and costly in terms of business development and resource waste.</p>
<p>With ongoing growth across its Australian operations, Unomedical took steps to standardize processes and centralize its systems. The company’s aim was to reduce risk to the business by enabling more organized tracking and management of its sales and customer activity, while also maximizing retention of intellectual property.</p>
<p>“Our sales force has become a significant proportion of our business in Australia. As we continue to develop, it’s vital for us to adopt a structure that will more effectively support those resources—and ultimately, achieve more productive and profitable outcomes for the business. It’s an investment in our future,” said Ross Halfacree, Business Development Manager, Unomedical Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>With the new system in place, Unomedical expects to achieve significant time savings and increased productivity across these business areas. It anticipates improved protection of company data, increased sales performance, and more accurate tracking of opportunities and measurement processes through a single view of customers, as well as improved access to information for mobile representatives.</p>
<p>The solution will be rolled out as one project phase and is estimated to be completed by February 2006 when all training will also be completed.</p>
<p>For further information, please contact:</p>
<p>Lannette Cox
Intentia ANZ
Telephone: +61-2-8437 5803
<p>John Watson
Intentia ANZ
Telephone: +61-2-8437 5600
<p>About Unomedical</p>
<p>Unomedical is a global company that provides high-quality and reliable healthcare solutions designed to improve the treatment and care of patients and enable safe use by professionals worldwide.</p>
<p>It specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of single-use devices such as catheters, drainage tubes, surgical kits and gowns to hospitals and healthcare sectors around the world.</p>
<p>The company’s manufacturing, warehousing and administrative facility is headquartered in Sydney.</p>
<p>About Intentia</p>
<p>Intentia is the only global enterprise solutions provider 100% dedicated to bringing software applications and consulting services to companies whose core processes involve manufacturing, distribution and maintenance—what we call the “make, move and maintain” market.</p>
<p>- 100% of our resources are committed to this market.
- 100% of our software is designed for this market.
- 100% of our experience is in serving this market.</p>
<p>Intentia customers are typically medium to large organizations that operate in complex supply chains with tough competition and limited internal resources. They require the reliability, experience and security of a substantial supplier with the flexibility and specialist knowledge of their industries and processes.</p>
<p>Intentia solutions are built from the ground up with the specific needs of these customers in mind, and the ability to grow and change easily with their businesses. They simplify complex processes, anticipate customer demands and deliver added value in both the short and long term—making them the intelligent choice.</p>
<p>Intentia was founded in 1984 and serves over 3,000 customer sites in some 40 countries around the world. Our business solutions currently comprise enterprise management, supplier relationship management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, value chain collaboration, enterprise performance management and workplace management.</p>
<p>Intentia is a public company traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (XSSE) under the symbol INT B. Visit Intentia’s Web site at</p>

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