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GOtalk and NetComm announce co-branding VoIP retail alliance

  • 04 October, 2005 14:07

<p>For more information please contact Steve Picton GOtalk CEO 0416 269 177 or Michael Fitzgibbon Marketing Communications Manager Netcomm Limited 02 9424 2043.</p>
<p>* "The Perfect Retail Partnership" combines Australia's leading communication hardware developer with long established retail distribution connections - and a fast growing, full service, national broadband telecommunications service provider.</p>
<p>SYDNEY: Tuesday October 4: GOTalk Broadband Voice has teamed with leading Australian communications hardware developer NetComm to provide a packaged VoIP solution for consumers.</p>
<p>"GOtalk and NetComm have, perhaps uniquely, the right combination of product quality, marketing and distribution to service a national consumer retail market," said Mr. Steve Picton, CEO of GOtalk Broadband Voice, a leading Internet and VoIP Service Provider.</p>
<p>"GOtalk's Broadband and Broadband Voice services will be bundled and co-branded with NetComm's hardware," Mr. Picton said today.</p>
<p>In the arrangement, NetComm will be responsible for warehousing and distribution of stock and both companies will combine to educate customers and retail staff about the technology in the months leading up to Christmas.</p>
<p>"The combination of broadband and VoIP is fast emerging as the new way that Australians will communicate with one another over the telephone," NetComm Managing Director David Stewart said. "With the cost savings that are possible with VoIP more and more consumers are installing the technology into their homes, and the combination of NetComm hardware and GOtalk's service makes it an easy plug and play solution."</p>
<p>"With broadband connections smashing through the two million mark, we believe that VoIP is about to become a mass market consumer product," said Mr. Picton.</p>
<p>Recent statistics from the ACCC show that broadband adoption now totals 2,183,200 - up 108.3 per cent from June 2004 and along with this has been a dramatic rise in the consumer adoption of VoIP.</p>
<p>The GOtalk/NetComm agreement calls for a range of seven co-branded broadband products, ranging in price from $99 to be released progressively. Initial products to be released during the month of October include:</p>
<p>GTV100 RRP $129 Available 8th October 2005
NetComm's V100 VoIP Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) is designed for residential and business users to deliver industry standards telephony over the Internet. The V100 simply connects to a standard Cable or DSL/Modem Router and by connecting a standard analogue telephone, instantly converts it into a VoIP phone.. When combined with the GoTalk Broadband Voice Service the GTV100 provides reliable, real-time Internet voice calls with the quality expected from normal telephone services. Long distance and international call charges can be significantly reduced or in some cases eliminated. The GTV100 is an ideal solution for toll-bypass and remote/branch office voice communication with the minimum of fuss.</p>
<p>GTV300 RRP $229 Available 8th October 2005
NetComm's V300 has been designed for residential and small business users to deliver predictable real-time voice quality over the Internet. It connects directly to any broadband modem and service (Cable or DSL) which supports VoIP. A standard analogue telephone (desktop or cordless) is connected to the Phone (FXS) port on the back of the V300, allowing the user to route calls over the Internet to anywhere in the world using VoIP, significantly reducing or eliminating long distance call charges. The V300 is also equipped with a standard POTS RJ-11 (line) port which allows for the connection of a regular telephone line. With this feature you can make or receive landline phone calls with the same analogue telephone you use to make VoIP calls. This feature also acts as a Lifeline or backup should your VoIP or Broadband service experience any difficulties. When combined with the GOtalk Broadband Voice service, the GTV300 simplifies the VoIP installation and will work as an out of the box VoIP solution. To simplify network integration, the GTV300 is also equipped with a 3-port Switch and Quality of Service (QoS) Router. The GTV300's QoS feature ensures you maintain high-quality VoIP calls during periods of heavy Internet use by dynamically calculating and prioritising the required upstream bandwidth.</p>
<p>GTNB5 RRP $99 Available 8th October 2005
NetComm brings you the Next Generation of ADSL technology with ADSL-2*. ADSL-2* and 2+* boosts ADSL's performance, improves interoperability, and supports new applications, services and deployment conditions. The NB5 delivers the connection versatility needed to cater for today's ADSL users. You can simply attach the NB5 to a single PC by using the USB port. Alternatively, should you wish to share your Internet connection with up to 253 users, the NB5 is equipped with an in-built Router and a 10/100 Ethernet port for connection to a network system. When combined with the GOTalk Broadband Internet Service the GTNB5 provides an easy installation option for users to install broadband Internet in their homes. The GTNB5 introduces a QoS (Quality of Service) feature that gives you control over which types of outgoing data are given priority by the Router making it ideal for VoIP-use.</p>
<p>About Go Talk</p>
<p>GOtalk Broadband Voice is the VoIP division of Telecorp Limited. Since its inception in March 2000, Telecorp has grown at a rate exceeding 30% a year into a full service communications company with 300 employees and a turnover of over $13 million per month. It has built a multimillion dollar growth business based on calling card services (both prepaid and postpaid), complete voice services (including local calls and line rental), postpaid mobile services, Internet services (both Broadband and dialup), teleconferencing and messaging.</p>
<p>About NetComm</p>
<p>NetComm is Australia's leading provider of broadband hardware solutions. It holds a commanding position in the key markets of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), high-speed networking, wireless, hotspots and digital surveillance systems, and is developing a strong presence in the VoIP sector. NetComm products are researched, developed and engineered in Australia to meet local requirements and conditions. The company has a history of sustained growth and innovation, and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: NTC). For more information visit</p>
<p>For more information please contact TERRY QUINN WordsPLUS 02 9460 0145; 0439 710 418 email quinnid@ozemail</p>

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