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Zultys Announces Advanced ACD for MX250 IP PBX

  • 26 July, 2004 13:06

<p>Sydney, Australia, 26 July 2004 – Zultys Technologies today announced Advanced ACD, a software enhancement for the MX250. The software option permits businesses and enterprises to implement more complex call distribution than is already included in the MX250 at no charge. No additional hardware is required to support this new functionality.</p>
<p>The basic ACD on the MX250 permits 64 groups, each having 64 agents. Incoming calls are distributed among the agents with a variety of mechanisms. The calls are also distributed depending on an agent’s skill level. Agents have full access to the collaborative features built into the MX250, such as Presence and Instant Messaging (IM). These tools permit greater efficiency in a call centre environment.</p>
<p>The Advanced ACD builds on these features to incorporate queuing for incoming calls, configurable announcements to callers, call recording, distinction between supervisors and agents, supervisory privileges, real time statistics, and detailed reports.</p>
<p>“The list of features for this product is very comprehensive,” said Tony Warhurst, Zultys’ Country Manager for Australia. “We now have features for the MX250 that allow companies to implement complete call centre solutions. Previously, these features were available only on high end packages at many times the price, and therefore out of reach for most small to medium sized businesses.”</p>
<p>Some of the Advanced ACD capabilities include:
• 60 calls in queue
• 64 different queues serving different call centres
• maximum queue size of two hours
• four different configurable call announcements for each queue
• music or advertisements on hold
• multiple options for callers to exit queue, including leaving a voice mail or a call back number
• multiple rules govern action taken on overflow of queue or time exceeded for a call in a queue
• any mix of supervisors and agents up to 64 in any ACD group
• agents can be logged out by a supervisor or automatically on failure to answer calls
• supervisor can view a queue, prioritise calls in a queue, and assign calls to specific agents
• call recording can be permanently enabled or turned on as required
• real time queue statistics include average and maximum times for waiting in queue and call length, numbers of abandoned calls and calls currently in the queue
• call reports include productivity by agent and time worked by agent.</p>
<p>All of these features are available to agents and supervisors wherever they are located in the enterprise. This allows flexibility in locating agents anywhere. Because the MX250 includes Presence and IM, supervisors and other agents can easily see when an agent is available and communicate even when that agent is on a call. When used in conjunction with the ZIP 4x5 IP phone, businesses can easily employ agents at their homes. This allows greater productivity and the ability to quickly add additional agents at peak times.</p>
<p>Pricing and Availability
Depending on the number of seats, the Advanced ACD is approximately $800 per seat. This is a floating license and is based on the number of concurrent users (not the number of named users). Availability for Advanced ACD is September 2004. For more information, access</p>
<p>About Zultys Technologies
Incorporated in 2001, Zultys Technologies Australia Pty Ltd. has its headquarters in Sydney and its corporate office in Sunnyvale, California. Zultys designs and manufactures products that converge telecommunications and data communications for businesses. Zultys develops its hardware and software specifically to create products that deliver completely integrated solutions, allowing for ease of deployment, management, and use. These products support multiple languages and are based on open standards to ensure interoperability in any network. After installation, productivity increases and operating costs decrease. Zultys sells its products worldwide and has distribution today in 61 countries. For more information on Zultys or its products, access:
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