Rambus finding new ways into PCs

Rambus finding new ways into PCs

Rambus and contract chipmaker, United Microelectronics, have inked a licensing agreement that highlights how Rambus is finding new ways into the PC after its memory technology failed to become a global standard.

The company is working with UMC to provide PCI Express-based chip-to-chip interconnects that reduce power consumption, optimise link utilisation and latency, and reduce the amount of silicon needed in a system, the companies said in a joint news release.

The move comes after Rambus announced last month it had souped up its memory technology to improve picture quality in game consoles and high-end PCs by speeding up the flow of data between memory chips and graphics processors.

Much of Rambus' recent work has been aimed at computer gaming.

For example, the upcoming PlayStation 3 (PS3) will use its dynamic RAM (XDR DRAM ) which runs at 3.2GHz, according to the company.

UMC would be able to offer the Rambus technology, called PCI Express PHY Cells, to any of its foundry customers using advanced chip production technology at 180 nanometres down to 90 nanometres.

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