NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Google earns publishers' ire, ZoneAlarm fired

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Google earns publishers' ire, ZoneAlarm fired

I have to admit dating a social-networking diva has been an educational experience. We go to a different party - or several of them - every night. But instead of talking, everyone stands around BlackBerrying one another. They're too busy networking to have an actual conversation. After about an hour I find myself sneaking off to pet the dog. I guess I must be antisocial.

Copyright This: Google has graciously given book publishers until November to name the titles the Lord of Search should not add to its full-text database. After that, it will release a small army of minions into the libraries of America with orders to scan everything in sight. Publishers are warming up their attorneys in what could be an epic battle. Are books more like songs - easily shared and needing protection by digital Dobermans? Or are they more like websites, easily indexed and (mostly) free for the asking? I don't have an answer, but if Google skipped all books with "Chicken Soup" in the title, that would be alright by me.

Some Cringesters who tried to upgrade their firewalls to ZoneAlarm Pro 6.0 got a hotfoot instead. The company's user forums are ablaze with complaints from customers burned by email failures, BSODs, or worse. Company spokesfolk said the problem was with the upgrade process; the solution was to completely uninstall the firewall and then do a fresh install of ZA Pro 6.0. And if you feel like sacrificing a goat, that couldn't hurt either.

Register or Die: It appears APC notified registered users that their Java certificates were about to expire before its PowerChute software locked up a mess of servers last month. But unregistered users? Sorry, Charlie. So the solution is simple. Register everything - your hardware, your software, your dog - anything that might expire sometime in the next two weeks. Because you can't be too careful.

Game, Set, and Patch: Microsoft's critical update process may be in need of a critical update. The company had to repost some IE updates last week after it discovered they were corrupted. So much for the phrase 'practice makes perfect'.

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