New Barracuda firewall protects outgoing email

New Barracuda firewall protects outgoing email

Barracuda Networks has released a new version of its anti-spam appliance that prevents unwanted email and viruses from being sent out of a corporate network while keeping sensitive data, trade secrets and other company information inside the organisation.

The Barracuda Spam Firewall Outbound Edition scans an organisation's outbound email to ensure senders aren't spreading viruses or blasting spam, according to the vendor's CEO, Dean Drako.

The appliance uses many of the same techniques found in Barracuda's Spam Firewall for incoming mail. But it is not integrated with that product, so as to maintain the integrity of outgoing mail should incoming mail experience a problem, and vice versa.

Designed for both enterprises and ISPs, the appliance sits at the edge of a network and scours outgoing mail for viruses using a number of techniques, including dual-layer virus blocking and attachment blocking based on file types, Drako said.

To prevent spam from emanating from a corporate network, the new spam firewall scans outgoing mail for keywords that are often contained in spam messages and utilises rate controls to alert the IT staff when an email address attempts to send out a large quantity of messages. This is usually a sign that a PC has been taken over by malware and turned into a spam server.

The firewall alerted the IT department before the bulk email was sent out so the messages could be blocked, Drako said.

Barracuda's outbound product is also designed to help companies comply with recent regulations and corporate policies regarding what information can leave the organisation.

Through scanning, filtering, keyword searches and attachment blocking, companies could use the firewall to ensure employees were not sending out proprietary information, such as intellectual property or trade secrets, Drako said.

Barracuda products are dist-­ ributed in Australia by Roswel and Whitegold.

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