Antec's quiet, top-notch PC chassis

Antec's quiet, top-notch PC chassis


Most do-it-yourself PC builders spend a load on high-end components - and then unwisely skimp on the case. For those willing to spend a bit more, Antec offers its new P180 Advanced Super Mid Tower.

Well-crafted and sporting a unique internal design, this silver-and-black chassis should satisfy even the most discerning computer builder. Antec designed the P180 to please both performance nuts and silence seekers.

Wrapped in a shell of noise-dampening plastic and metal, the 14kg case features a solid, double-hinged door that conveniently swings out of the way (a brilliant, albeit small, touch), as well as three speed-adjustable Antec TriCool chassis fans that provide plenty of low-noise cooling.

The interior has two chambers: The lower one holds the power supply and hard drives (to isolate heat and noise); the upper one holds the motherboard and additional drives. The case offers a whopping 11 drive bays, each with rubber grommets that Antec said should dampen drive noise.

The P180 doesn't include a power supply, so I installed Antec's fantastic Phantom 500 in my shipping unit. The combination of the chassis, the low-noise fans and the Phantom power supply proved supremely quiet. Unfortunately, all this hushing made the noise emanating from my stock CPU and graphics card fans that more noticeable.

The one disappointing element of the P180 is its removable Quiet Computing graphics card air duct, which seemed more adept at blocking access to the motherboard than it was at blocking noise.

Still, whether you're building a high-end system - or an extremely quiet one - Antec's P180 is a sound investment.

Local information

P180 Advanced Super Mid Tower - Antec

Slick, quiet, and roomy design makes this pricey enclosure a system builder's dream.

The product is distributed by Altech Computer.

RRP: $265

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