KH lights up iPod market with iBeat

KH lights up iPod market with iBeat

H Distribution has signed an exclusive agreement to distribute iBeat ear buds.

Available in six different colours - blue, green, white, orange, aqua or pink - the buds are designed for use with iPods or other MP3 players. Users can be sure they will stand out from the crowd because the wires blink to the beat of the music.

iBeat is sold packaged in a kit with three plastic clips designed to fit all three iPod shapes but will also work with other popular MP3 models. The illuminating feature can be switched on and off as required.

An Apple specialist, KH Distribution now pulls about half of its revenue from iPods and their accessories. While margins on the players are almost non-existent, there is money to be made from selling the ever-growing list of accessories.

Since stocking the Bose SoundDock back in November, for example, Rice estimated sales of the high-end iPod speaker had grown by a monthly compound of 10 per cent.

"iPod makes people more aware of the Apple brand and sales are still growing," he said.

"There are many more competitors pushing for market share in that [MP3 player] space now but we don't see it happening."

By contrast, Rice said sales of the Mac Mini had so far been disappointing.

"It's still nothing to write home about but we are confident it will continue to improve," he said. I think the market is still trying to come to grips with them because they are not a traditional Apple product that comes with everything you need.

"Mac Mini is targeted at grabbing business in the Wintel market where people are used to buying a box and then adding their own peripherals such as keyboards and monitors.

"I was expecting sales to climb like they did for iPod but that hasn't happened so far."

In an attempt to create new business, KH has been recruiting reseller partners during recent months.

Rice said he had been pleasantly surprised by the number and quality of traditional Windows resellers that had joined the stable.

The company had also managed to attract some regional resellers, which had been a key target of the recruitment campaign.

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